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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

How To Play & Win Pick 4 Lottery Numbers

Most Pick 4 Lottery Tickets can be purchased for one ($1) dollar. You pick four digits from zero to nine to make up a Pick 4 Number from 0000 to 9999. These numbers are the beginning and the end of 10,000 different possible numbers that can make you a winner. Each of these ten thousand numbers are called Straight Pick 4 Numbers.

This is how to win the Pick 4 Jackpot. You choose 4 digits, play them for one dollar on a Straight Ticket, and match the exact order of the drawn number of your State Lottery’s drawing. You Win $5,000 in most State Lotteries.

Some State’s Lottery Prize structure is based on a pari-mutuel system. In this case, the Jackpot payout is based on the amount of money invested or wagered into a drawing. The winners divide all the monies bet from the betting pool’s total income. California Daily 4 Lottery has such a system.

For example, when the 8888 was drawn as the Winning Daily 4 Number on February 5, 2009, the 117 players each with the winning Straight Ticket (the only way one can play this number because there is only one form) received $416. In the non pari-mutuel systems the winners would be guaranteed the full jackpot of $5,000.

If you want to learn more about how to win pick 4 and get a $5,000 return on your $1investment or are a newbie to the daily Pick 4 lottery game, simply go to your local lottery retailer in your neighborhood and pick up a pamphlet or brochure on how to play pick 4. Or you can go online and type in your State lottery and they will provide you with all the information you need to know.

Within the information available about the Pick 4 lottery one will discover that you can play your four chosen digits straight or boxed. The Straight Ticket investment plays the number as the exact order given to the retailer. The Box Ticket investment allows the player to collect on any order of the four digits played.

For each $1Box Ticket with the number 1234 the player receives $200 for any of 24 possible orders that this number represents. When the four digits are all different this type of number is known as a “single”. When two digits are the same, as in 1123 , it is known as a “double”. And the payoff also doubles to $400 for every one dollar wagered based on the fact that there are only twelve possible winning forms.

These two forms represent over ninety (90%) percent of all possible winning numbers. The remaining possible Pick 4 numbers fall in the following categories of “double-doubles” when the four digits are made up of two pairs of matching numbers such as 1122, “triples” when three of the four digits match each other such as 1112, and lastly, the “quads” when all four digits match each other such as 1111, and can only be played on a straight ticket.

The double-double payoff on a Box Ticket for $1 is $800. The triple pays $1200 for the same $1 Box ticket investment. Some State lotteries mark the payoff at $1198.

Some State Lotteries such New York, Texas, Florida, Illinois, and others allow for the players to invest with a $.50 per ticket. The payoffs are set at half the one dollar payoff rates. For tax purposes, the player can pick up his/her winnings from the local lottery retailer without any taxes being deducted.

This is to the player’s benefit when playing double-doubles and triples. This saves both time and money. Otherwise a winning Box Ticket has to be cashed at the regional State Lottery office, and they usually deduct the State Taxes from your winnings prior to presenting you your check.

Other States, like Indiana’s Hoosier Lottery, keep the minimum play at one dollar, but gives the player the opportunity to play a Pick 4 number on a combination Straight/Box Ticket for half the payout for each portion.

The secret on how to win Pick 4 is to play with a plan or strategy. There are systems and strategies available to help the Pick 4 player figure out how to choose numbers. On the internet look for systems that have proven winning strategies, all are not the same. Look for systems or strategies that provide many clear understandable examples.

Like other things in life you get what you pay for. Quality has a higher cost attached to its product. Whether it is a brand name or craftsmanship, the consumer receives a better product. That is why the initial cost factor should be less of a factor when one considers which system to purchase. All systems usually provide a money-back guarantee if the customer is not satisfied with the product.

No matter what system one decides to purchase, it is important to remember that with one’s first WIN, Straight or Box, the player will recoup the cost of the purchased system. The minimum winning Pick 4 ($.50) payout is $100. It is like having a DOUBLE GUARANTEE. So even if someone sells a high quality system for $50, you make $50 while getting you money back for the system you just purchased.

When shopping for a new car, usually a person checks out a number of dealerships before making a purchase in order to get the BEST Deal. You want the best quality car for your dollar at an affordable price.

Avoiding all the hoopla of advertising, the results are what counts. Does the system offer evidence or proof of its winning capabilities? Is the system multi-faceted? Since word of mouth is crucial in identifying a quality product, check out what other customers say about the system in testimonials, if they are offered.

Lastly, the Pick 4 Lottery is the best opportunity with its low odds and high returns of one’s investment to add some needed money to one’s financial situation during these difficult economic times. There is no other place in the world to get these kinds of returns for such small investments in a short amount of time.

How to Win Pick 4…..simply purchase a quality system with many good examples!

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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Using Math To Make Free Money Winning The Pick 4 Lottery

Numbers and mathematics are not easy for everyone. From our earliest school days when we were first introduced to numbers some kids liked numbers while others found dealing with numbers confusing and overwhelming. Others like words and writing.

Learning the numbers and the basic counting was a small challenge compared to mathematical application of numbers. Addition was a little less confusing than substraction. When the single digit being subtracted in the unit column was larger than the single digit of the number it was being subtracted from; then what does one do?

Multiplication and division followed. This brought more confusion to the less mathematical right brain analytical minded students. Many of us remember memorizing the multiplication tables for our survival, and they are still buried deep in our subconscious.

Looking at numbers and math problems was one big blur. In truth, whether we liked numbers or not we learned these processes, and graduated from grade school by passing math class year after year. As a child many of us wondered why we had to learn these numbers in the first place. When were going to need all this math stuff anyway? This is long before algebra and geometry would be part of the curriculum and this wonderment much more vocal.

Numbers and mathematics are important in our lives. The basic math processes of addition, subtraction, division and multiplication help us understand how to make money. Whether it is grocery shopping or investing on Wall Street knowing your math can pay off in big savings or create large returns on your investments.

Applying your mathematical knowledge or relearning mathematical processes can make a huge difference in your economic reality and your future. Many Americans have lost so much money during these last two years with the economic downturn that have shredded their 401Ks, the meltdown of the stocks in their retirement portfolio, and the shrinking value of their homes. They are now trying to apply these mathematical formulas to find the best possible investments for their future.

I enjoy numbers and I like working with numbers. I, like many, am looking to find ways to make money with investments that not only bring economic security, but even rebuild and replace the lost monies of the last two year. But this time I want to be in charge and control of the investments.

After these past two years, I have begun to question how smart it is to hand money to investors to create stock portfolios that are feeding the very well paid CEOs and are more interested in their financial well being than mine. It is even more disturbing that some of the Wall Street investors were recklessly gambling with unregulated hedge funds to fill their pockets with cash without any real concern for the average American and their financial situations.

My research and long interest in numbers, number trends, and the ability to make money with these trends lead me back to one of the best low investment/high return ratios available in this country. The investment program can be learned easily even by those that haven’t had a friendly understanding with numbers and math in the past.

Learning the process can be compared to going to the eye doctor for glasses. You sit in the patient’s chair where different lenses are fitted for each eye and you are repeatedly asked by the doctor which lens is clearer…..this one or that one? This process goes on until both eyes are correctly matched to the correct lens and create a unified view for you, the patient, that is closest to 20/20.

Once you have theses newly corrected glasses or contacts, you can’t believe how well you can see now compared to your recent past visual experience. This new clarity of vision brings excitement and enjoyment back in your life. You feel like you are more in control of your life with a new understanding of the world around you because of this renewed view.

Many things need clarity in these difficult economics in which we find ourselves. With a clearer view of the economic realities we have learned the hard way, and are still learning through the financial losses that we have suffered because of Wall Street Greed and Mismanagement. The challenge is do we go back to the same old routine of the past or do we look for something new and different?

Continuing Education is a part of the American Business Success Plan. Going back to school for a Master’s Degree in a particular field is a way of increasing one’s worth and one’s salary. A Fifth Grade Elementary School Teacher recently told the story of his plan to get a Master’s Degree in Music at the cost of $40,000 in order to get a seventy-nine cents ($0.79) per hour increase in his weekly paycheck. Over 50,630 hours later he will break even, and will have made back the cost of his Master’s Degree. Based on a nine month school year at 40 hours a week he will get his money back for his Master’s Degree in 32 years. It’s all profit after that.

How does that compare to a $47 investment to learn how to add $100,000 to one’s bank account using 20 proven winning strategies with the Pick 4 lottery with the small investment of twenty ($20) dollars. And with a single fifty cent ($0.50) Winning Box Ticket with a minimum payout of $100 you will have this continuing education program for FREE and make a profit of $53.00.

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Monday, July 27, 2009

Winning Pick 4 Lottery Numbers – Huge Success In July

Pick 4 Strategy System produces back-to-back Straight Pick 4 Wins in 10 States and a streak of 11 Box Wins in a row in the New York Win 4 Lottery in July, 2009. “Play & Win Daily Pick 4 With Big Cash Winning Numbers” with its 20 Proven Winning Strategies for the Pick 4 Lotteries in the United States, Canada, and Puerto Rico backs up its claim of offering strategies to find winning Pick 4 numbers to play.

Following and playing these twenty winning strategies have produced at least one Pick 4 Straight Win in each and every State that offers this game in the United States, Canada, and Puerto Rico just in the first twenty-three days of July.

In addition, the website offering this successful ebook,, in its July Report celebrates the fact that ten of these State Pick 4 Lotteries had back-to-back Straight Wins including the Ohio State Pick 4 Lottery which did it twice so far this month.

The other nine State Pick 4 Lotteries with back-to-back Straight Wins include Connecticut and Florida Play 4, Georgia and Tennessee Cash 4, Massachusetts Numbers, Michigan Daily Pick 4, Missouri, New Jersey, and South Carolina Pick 4 Lotteries. With eight days left in July more states may be added.

The goal of this book is to apply one or more of the 20 Proven Winning Strategies to the drawn winning Pick 4 numbers and create another (or next) winning Straight Pick 4 Number.

Robert Walsh, the author, writes that some of the 20 Strategies systematically reduce the players’ choice down to just two or three numbers for a possible Pick 4 Straight Win from the 10,000 Straight Winning Number Combinations that the Pick 4 Lottery Game has from 0000 to 9999. One $1 Straight Winning Ticket with matching numbers being in the exact order as the drawn number returns $5,000. Robert Walsh encourages the buyer of his book to first learn the strategies before investing.

Box Wins, though not the primary goal, for his Ladder of Success Investment Plan play an important part by continuing to add “FREE” money to the player’s investment coffers. The player finances his/her Pick 4 play not with his/her own money, but that of the State Lottery with each Win beginning with $200 for $1 wagered on one Pick 4 ticket with 4 single number. $1 Box Wins range with payoffs from $200 to $1200.

The New York Win 4 Lottery, using the different strategies, produced eleven (11) Box Wins in-a-row during these first 23 days of July with the streak being preceded and followed by a Straight Win. Winning just five of these eleven box wins with a one dollar investment would put a minimum of $1000 Free Money into the player’s pocket.

“Play & Win Daily Pick 4 With Big Cash Winning Numbers” sells online for $47.00. The author continues to remind the reader throughout the book that with the very first $1 Win of a Straight or Box Ticket the Pick 4 Player gets back the $47.00 he/she laid out for the book. The rest of the winnings start the Pick 4 player out with a minimum of $153 Free Money that can be re-invested to create more free money for the player’s financial investment plan.

In this financial crisis of 2009, when people want to know where to make a good investment in order to make money, the author poses the question: “Would you pay $47.00 to learn how to get out of debt and gain financial freedom?

One testimonial on the website referring to the author as a “genius” came from a Canadian Pick 4 Player who went from a “doubter” to a “believer” in these 20 Proven Winning Strategies after he bought the ebook. Let Success speak for itself!

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