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Sunday, August 29, 2010

Proven Pick 4 Lottery System & Its Mega Cash Ladder To Success

Do you know what the odds of you
winning the Powerball Jackpot are?

Do you know what the odds of you
winning the Mega Millions Jackpot

The odds are 195 Million plus to 1
for you to win the Powerball Jackpot,

and 175 Million plus to 1 for you to win
the Mega Millions Jackpot.

Every week Millions of people across
this country throw Millions of Dollars
at these lotteries in hopes of
becoming a millionaire.

Before I published my Pick 4 Lottery System
no one selling their Pick 4 System
suggested to Pick 4 players the
idea that they could become a
Millionaire by playing the Pick 4
lottery.....I was the first!

Both on my website and in my
Pick 4 System using my
Investment and Money Management
, I created the
Mega Cash Ladder to Success.

To me it was a way to show folks that
they could become Millionaires in
playing the Pick 4 with its odds of
10,000 to 1 compared to playing the
Powerball or Mega Millions with the
astronomical odds of winning
against them. Playing Powerball
or Mega Millions is just throwing
MONEY out the window.

For example, with the Mega Millions
175 plus millions to 1 chance to win....
by translating the odds into miles, and to
travel around the earth at the equator
is approximately 25,000 miles, then
you would have to travel 7,000 times
around the world
before you would
win the Mega Millions'

Compare that to just a one time
short trip of 10,000 miles for the
the Pick 4......from Boston,
Massachusetts to Sydney,

Prior to publishing my website
and System some of my friends
didn't want me to include the
Mega Cash Ladder claiming
that no one is going to believe
it is possible.

I vetoed their suggestion
because I knew it is possible
using the Strategies. In the past
10 days in the Indiana Hoosier
Daily 4 Lottery someone using
my Pick 4 Lottery System correctly
with some very obvious "Keen
Eye" play/investments based on
my Investment and Money
Management Strategies is TODAY
a Millionaire.

A Millionaire in ONE WEEK.
And he/she did it for FREE.

Here are the drawn numbers
from the IN Hoosier Daily 4....

8.20 MD........0077
8.21 MD........2540
8.22 MD........SUN
8.23 MD........6066

Those of you who have the
Pick 4 System can follow
along in the book identifying
the Strategies.

0077 starts the climb on the
Mega Cash Ladder to Success.
Using the obvious Strategy gives
you just four numbers to play.

Using Strategy #18 your
plan is to spend $6 on
each of the four numbers
for 5 draws for a total
investment of $24 per draw.
with an expected payout
of $6200 on any one of the
four numbers to be drawn

Three draws later 7077 is
drawn for a $6200 WIN!
This Win guarantees you that
you are playing for FREE.

Following Strategies #17 & #18,
and applying obvious other
Strategies to 7077 you now
have eight (8) new Pick 4 numbers
to PLAY.

And, using the available clues
that my System teaches you
you cut your list of numbers to
play in half.

With over three thousand
dollars to work with you,
now have an investment
on each new number
with an expectant payout
of $70,000 for
(8 numbers) or $140,000
(for 4 numbers based
on the clues).

Two draws later 6066 is drawn.
Staying with the 8 numbers you
now have $38,000 FREE MONEY
to work with for your next

With a new play list of 10 numbers,
again using Strategies #17 & #18,
you, using ONLY FREE MONEY....
(none of your own personal money),
are playing each of these ten Pick 4
numbers with an expectant payout
the next 4 draws.

6366 is drawn 3 draws later on
the Evening of 8.24.2010.
announcing Indiana's
Hoosier Lottery Daily 4

This is why I kept the
Mega Cash Ladder to $uccess.
There is the very real possibility
for all those who have purchased
my Pick 4 System, and learned
to use the Strategies

To tell you the TRUTH this was

There is NO other Pick 4 System
on the market that gives you all the
information you need to have this
KIND OF SUCCESS available to you....


Good Luck and Prosperity to You!!!

Copyright © Robert Walsh Enterprises 2010

Friday, August 27, 2010

Magnum 4D Toto Damacai 4D System Reports Big Success In Malaysia & Singapore

Robert Walsh Enterprises announces the addition of a new page to their website, How To Win The Pick 4 Lottery Numbers. This new page named, Magnum 4D Result & 4D Toto Damacai 4D System, focuses on the increased success that their Pick 4 System, Play & Win Daily Pick 4 With Big Cash Winning Numbers, is having with the Magnum 4D Malaysia and Singapore Lottery in July and August 2010.

This page, at, provides the players of the 4D Toto, Damacai 4D, and Magnum 4D Malaysian lotteries the information to discover the positive results this Pick 4 System, 4D System, is creating with its 20-plus proven Strategies.

Though Play & Win Daily Pick 4 With Big Cash Winning Numbers was originally written for the Pick 4 style Lotteries found in the United States and Canada it has created some impressive Magnum 4D results in Malaysia this month.

Magnum 4D offers the classic 4D game. 4-Digits, abbreviated 4D, is a lottery in Singapore and Malaysia. In Malaysia, there are three main 4D providers – Sports Toto, Magnum 4D, and Damacai 4D.

Like the U.S. Pick 4 Lotteries, the 4D lottery players play by choosing any four digit number from 0000 to 9999. 23 winning numbers are drawn each time. The drawing begins by drawing twenty 4D Toto, Damacai 4D, or Magnum 4D Special Consolation Numbers. Next the 3rd prize balls are drawn. This is followed by the 2nd Prize balls being drawn. The last drawn set of balls reveals the 1st Prize winning number. Each category has its own respective fixed-odds payout.

In Singapore, 4-D drawings are conducted every Wednesday, Saturday, and Sunday in the evening at Singapore Pools’ main branch at Paradiz Centre.

There are an independent external auditor and five draw officials who monitor each draw. A special designed computer randomly selects which draw machine and which set of balls are used for each draw. A back up machine is also chosen in case any malfunction occurs with the first machine.

The selected draw balls, numbered 0 through 9 to be used are weighed and checked to assure their individual weight is within the acceptable variance range. This insures that every ball has an equal chance of being drawn as a winning digit.

The selected machine, secured with a lock and numbered seal in a storage room, is then transferred to the drawing hall, along with the premeasured and weighed balls. The balls are loaded into the draw machine in front of the audience.

In recent months, Robert Walsh’s Pick 4 System has helped Magnum 4D Malaysia players to win First Prize and Third Prize monies with winning Magnum 4D results.
By drawing attention to this unexpected success of their Pick 4 System in Southeast Asia, Robert Walsh Enterprises hopes to create more sales to Malaysia and Singapore Sports Toto 4D, Damacai 4D, and other Magnum 4D Lottery players who are looking for their proven 4D System at

Next, for your FREE Gift, How To Play & Win The Pick 4 Lottery, which includes your FREE Pick 4 Mini Tracking Sheet, visit Magnum 4D.

Copyright © Robert Walsh Enterprises 2010

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Here Is Your Pick 4 Lottery Challenge

'Success Strategies' Newsletter....August 25, 2010....

If I gave you $40, what would you do with
it? Buy gas for the car? Buy groceries?
Go out to Lunch or Dinner?

Now let me add a stipulation to the gift
of $40. Here's $40, now go and invest
it, and you have 20 days to turn it into
a profit.

In the last newsletter I wrote about
how my Pick 4 System teaches you
how to read numbers.

The other Free Gift that I
include in this Pick 4 System is
The Mini Tracking Sheet, 'MTS'.

The more you use the MTS, the more
your eye and mind work together
to develop your Keen Eye.

Last newsletter focused on the Indiana
Hoosier Daily 4 Lottery's gifts of Pick 4
Triples. The only Pick 4 type of number
that pays out more than the Triple is the Quad.

All Quads, such as 1111, pay out the
grand prize of $5000 for every $1 invested.

Play & Win Daily Pick 4 With Big Cash Winning Numbers
with its 20-plus proven Strategies is
successful in every Pick 4 Lottery in the world .

One of the things I teach you, and
you find out for yourself as you observe
the behavior of the Pick 4 numbers, is
to be patient.

When folks purchase my Pick 4 System
they quickly read through it, without fully
learning all the strategies and
understanding the process in their excitement
to start winning FREE MONEY.

YOUR SUCCESS is directly
related to your correctly learning and
implementing my Pick 4 System.

To all Pick 4 players who have purchased
my Pick 4 System and play the
Ontario, Canada, Pick 4 Lottery
this was your day and your $40 challenge!
Did you have the Keen Eye, and the "patience"?

First, with the $40 to invest.....Did you invest it
in your Pick 4 play???

Second, with your Keen Eye applying the
strategies to the winning Pick 4 numbers,
did you SEE that number and make a Quad
out of it???

Third, with the Investment and Money
Management Strategies did you increase
your investment level to maximize
your winnings since you were playing
for a Pick 4 Quad???

Fourth, did you figure in "patience" in your
play giving yourself a chance to WIN???

In investing your $40 dollars at an increased
level for $2 Straight bets gives you 20 draws
to WIN $10,000 instead of the basic $5,000.

Did you have this part correct?

Don't forget to read and remember the strategies's nice to win $5,000, but it's better to
win $10,000.

For those of you have purchased my Pick 4 System,
are you able to find the one previous winning Pick 4
number and correct Strategy to create the
Pick 4 QUAD 1111?

The Ontario Pick 4 Canadian Lottery drew 1111
in their Evening draw on August 24, 2010.
This was before it reached the 20th drawing that
you play the Quad for.

Congratulations on your WIN!

You don't have to play everyday. You look for

like no other Pick 4 System will teach you.

With tips and strategies that give you the
OPPORTUNITY to WIN MONEY like this....
it is truly a Great Investment.

Lastly, here are two traveling numbers to put
on your radar screen when they fit after
applying my Strategies.

1) 1645 which was drawn on the evening of
August 22, 2010 in both New Jersey Pick 4
and Connecticut Play 4.

2) This is a multi-functional traveling number
choice that should be obvious even if you don't
have 20/20 Keen Eye vision, yet.

8077 was drawn on the Evening of August 24,2010
in the Virginia Pick 4. 7780 was drawn the same
Evening in the New York Win 4.

Next, for your FREE Gift, How To Play & Win The Pick 4 Lottery,
which includes your FREE Pick 4 Mini Tracking Sheet, visit
Pick 4 System.

Have a Prosperous second Half of 2010,

Copyright © Robert Walsh Enterprises 2010

Monday, August 23, 2010

Pick 4 System With Proven Strategies Produces Winners Worldwide

'Success Strategies' Newsletter....August 23, 2010....

Have you visited my Pick 4 website
lately? Let me share with you recent
Pick 4 Winnings worldwide.

Over this past weekend (August 19-21)
both the Connecticut Play 4 (8.19 EVE)
and the Indiana Hoosier Daily 4 had
BIG WINS with 7077 (8.21 EVE).

The Oregon Pick 4 (8.20 - 1PM) &
the Texas Daily 4 (8.21 MD) matched
it with BIG WINS of their own with
8088....which provided these Straight/Box
WINS to those who correctly applied my
Pick 4 Strategies in their respective lotteries.

How nice it is to have these
Pick 4 Triples on your playable
radar screen.

I have posted Winning Results from
a young man who purchased my
Pick 4 System and is using it to WIN
in his Magnum 4D (Pick 4) Lottery in
Singapore and Malaysia.

Their 4D Lottery draws 23 numbers.
There is one single number draw for
the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Prizes along
with 20 Consolation 4-digit numbers
each with their own prize level.

The is no "BOX" play.

But you can purchase all the
Straight orders for the 4-digits
you are playing.

Here is a brief geography lesson
for you. Malaysia is directly south
of Bangkok, Thailand, in Southeast
Asia. It makes up the majority of
the Malay Peninsula that stretches
southward with the island-nation
of Singapore at its southern
most tip. Singapore is 85 miles
north of the equator.

Adding to the worldwide reach of my
Pick 4 System and Newsletter, this
past week I received an email from
Debbie P. who lives in New Zealand.

She wrote: "Thought I would let you
know that your method does actually
work with 6-digit numbers here in
New Zealand. There is a lottery called

"I looked at your tips and picked up
how to pick the numbers. So far I have
won 2 bonus tickets, so yes it does work,
it's just a matter of time till I hit the exact

It just goes to show that
these newsletters are filled with
rock solid information, and if you put
your mind to it you are successful
using my Pick 4 System .....
here's a woman who applied what
she has learned from me and
applied it to her Pick 6 lottery in
New Zealand.

The last international Pick 4 story before
returning to the U.S. is that of a young man
from Morocco (on the northwest corner
of the African continent, just south of Spain),
who purchased my Pick 4 System to use
it in their Quattro (Pick 4) Lottery.

OPPORTUNITY is calling you
in each and every newsletter.
Can you afford to stand there and not
answer the call to make Free Money to
help you with your financial situation.

Free Money that allows you to pay
off some bills or send your child to
college as well as to PLAY PICK 4
LOTTERY for free. What a

Copyright © Robert Walsh Enterprises 2010

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Pick 4 Lottery Strategies Create Many Giveaway Numbers

'Success Strategies' Newsletter....August 21, 2010....

Most wildfires come to an end but not
before there are more flare ups and
the area is quaranteened.

The very day that the last newsletter
was sent out -- August 16, 2010 --
there was a major flare up of Pick 4
Giveaway Numbers based on my
proven Pick 4 Strategies.

Play & Win Daily Pick 4 With Big Cash Winning Numbers,
as a System, is all about spotting and
playing the trends and maximizing your
profits from these trends. Trends come
and go. That is why it is SO IMPORTANT
to take advantage of trends when
they come along.

This "Giveaway Number" Trend began on
August 3rd and ended on August 17th.

Let me show you what
the wildfire flare up of Pick 4
Giveaway Numbers that engulfed the
the United States and Canada from
the east coast to the west coast
looked like on August 16, 2010....

Midday Drawings on 8.16.2010

District of Columbia DC-4.........3130
Kentucky Pick 4...................4482

Evening Drawings on 8.16.2010

Tennessee Cash 4..................6309
Georgia Cash 4....................8519
Virginia Pick 4...................1546
Rhode Island Numbers..............1642
New Hampshire Pick 4..............9823
Maine Pick 4......................9823
Vermont Pick 4....................9823
Canada's Ontario Pick 4...........9894
Wisconsin Daily Pick 4............8225
California Daily 4................0311

After it's jump over the mountains to the
west coast it pretty well exhausted
itself out.

So the next day, August 17th as good
wildfire fighters will do they will go back
to the place of origin to check for "hot
spots" to make sure the fire is completely

And, just as their Pick 4 training manual
had prepared them, like good firefighters,
they discovered two final "hots spots"
where it all began on August 3rd, 2010.

Midday Drawings on 8.17.2010

Illinois Pick 4...................1331
Iowa Pick 4.......................1331

Two weeks of scorching hot Pick 4
Giveaway Numbers racing across
the country like a wildfire. It is what
every Pick 4 player dreams about.

You may have missed this
Pick 4 Giveaway Number Trend,
but don't miss the NEXT ONE!

Buy these proven Pick 4 Strategies NOW
so you are ready and prepared the
races across the United States
and Canada Pick 4 lands.

Good Luck and leave your door open
for Opportunity and Prosperity to enter.

Copyright © Robert Walsh Enterprises 2010

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Pick 4 Lottery System Produces Pick 4 Giveaway Numbers In the U.S. & Canada

Robert Walsh Enterprises, who is an innovative leader among Pick 4 Lottery System developers, wants to announce the tremendous success rate of their Pick 4 System during the first half of August 2010. Their Pick 4 System, Play & Win Daily Pick 4 With Big Cash Winning Numbers, has produced over 20 winning Pick 4 numbers in 20 different States or Provinces in the United States and Canada with their Giveaway Number which is a single set of four digits the Pick 4 player can play.

Their Pick 4 Lottery System is based on applying some of the 20–plus Proven Pick 4 Strategies to the previous drawn winning Pick 4 numbers in order to create new Pick 4 numbers to play and win. The Giveaway Numbers are created when three or more previous winning numbers point to a single set of four digits to play Straight and Box.

This Pick 4 System provides a free Mini Tracking Sheet for the player to record connections between one winning Pick 4 number to another winning number, known as “Connectors”. The System, with its 20-plus Pick 4 Strategies, has shown success in every Pick 4 Lottery in the United States and Canada, and even in the Magnum 4D Lottery in Malaysia and Singapore as testimonials on the website indicate by those who have purchased and correctly learned to use this Pick 4 Lottery System.

During the month of August 2010, the slew of these created Giveaway Numbers reach from the Maine Pick 4 to the California Daily 4. The State Lotteries include California Daily 4, Connecticut Play 4, District of Columbia DC-4, Florida Play 4, Georgia Cash 4, Illinois Pick 4, Iowa Pick 4, Kentucky Pick 4, Maine Pick 4, Maryland Pick 4, Massachusetts Numbers, Michigan Daily 4, New Hampshire Pick 4, Ontario Pick 4 (Canada), Rhode Island Numbers, Tennessee Cash 4, Texas Daily 4, Vermont Pick 4, Virginia Pick 4, and Wisconsin Daily Pick 4.

For Pick 4 players to be able to identify just one single Pick 4 number to play Straight or Box gives them a tremendous opportunity to make a large sum of money in a very short period of time. With money so hard to come by on Main Street for the average person these days such an opportunity to make some real good money legally is a welcome prospect. One $1 Box Ticket returns from $200 to $1200, and one $1 Straight Ticket returns $5,000.

Pick 4 players in the United States, Canada, and worldwide where these Pick 4 Lotteries are played might want to consider purchasing this Pick 4 System to have the opportunity to cash in on these potential Giveaway Numbers.

Copyright © Robert Walsh Enterprises 2010

Monday, August 16, 2010

Pick 4 Lottery Giveaway Numbers Spread like Wildfires

"Success Strategies" Newsletter....August 16, 2010....

I hope you are surviving these VERY HOT
temperatures and soaring heat indices
over 100 degrees all across the country.

During these times you often hear about
wildfires, especially in California, when the
very dry timber is set ablaze by lightning
strikes. Wildfires are dangerous and
very destructive.....basically very bad news.

But the Pick 4 Trend of Giveaway Numbers
spreading like wildfires across the country
and popping up in Pick 4 Lotteries is
VERY GOOD NEWS for Pick 4 Players who purchased
Play & Win Daily Pick 4 With Big Cash Winning Numbers.

In the last few newsletters I wrote about
GIVEAWAY NUMBERS in the Illinois Pick 4
and Maryland Pick 4. August is known
for being "HOT" but for bringing this
"HOT TREND" to Pick 4 lotteries and
players who bought my Pick 4 System is

Since the first announced GIVEAWAY NUMBER
in the Illinois Pick 4 Lottery on August 3, 2010,
here is where the wildfire has spread.....

•Georgia 8.4.2010 EVE........0653
•Massachusetts 8.5 EVE..... 8541
•Connecticut 8.6 EVE........4060
•Michigan 8.7 EVE........8149
•Maryland 8.8 EVE........4872
•Texas 8.9 EVE........8119
•Florida 8.11 EVE........6733

And just like the "Bad Wildfires" this Pick 4
trend presently doesn't seem to have an end
in's continuing to spread!

I recommend you get my
Pick 4 System TODAY and learn to
discover how to hook up with these
applying my strategies to the winning
Pick 4 numbers in your State's lottery.

Here's another Traveling Pick 4 Triple
to put on your watch list in all forms.....

Here are the recent appearances....

8.7.2010 EVE....Connecticut.........9000
8.10.2010 MD.....Massachusetts.......0090
8.16.2010 MD.....Florida.............0009

Good Luck and get in on this TREND
that's giving away MONEY DAILY!!!

Copyright © Robert Walsh Enterprises 2010

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Pick 4 Lottery & College Education

"Success Strategies" Newsletter....August 14, 2010....

Do you have any of your kids heading
off to College this Fall? I received an
email from a father whose kid is
scheduled to start college this
September, but he is $3,000 short.
He asked for some numbers for his
Pick 3 or Pick 4 lottery.

My mother wanted all her kids to
go to college (they did), she
believed in education, and she
also saw travel as education.
Every year we took a summer drive
vacation somewhere in the U.S.

In the last newsletter we traveled
to Maryland to see their Pick 4
Lottery Giveaway Number.

Again, the Giveaway Number, is
the result of 3, 4 or more previous
winning numbers.

After the strategies are applied, they
produce the same four digits in BOX
or STRAIGHT form.

In either case, you have the
option of playing these same
four Pick 4 digits at an increased
investment level. This is where
you really can make some big money.

Per $1 Pick 4 Box investment on a
single, double, double-double, or triple
Pick 4 number your returns respectively
are $200, $400, $800, and $1200.

So, if you needed $3000 to send your kid
off to College, depending on the type of
Pick 4 number my Pick 4 System revealed
as your Giveaway Number,
it would cost you $15 for a single,
$8 for a double, $4 for a double-double,
and $3 for a Triple. Obviously, a Straight
Pick 4 Number would give you $5000 for
just $1.

This Giveaway Number pattern appears to
be a mini trend so far this month.

Heading south from Maryland, you arrive
in Virginia. The Virginia Pick 4 made
it easy for those that have purchased
my System to pick up a STRAIGHT
GIVEAWAY NUMBER using just two
previously drawn numbers and applying
Strategy #7.

Imagine one single $20 Straight Investment
on the 8.13.2010 VIRGINIA PICK 4 Midday
6112 gives you enough money for all fours
years of college at most colleges in the
country with a return of $100,000.

For just $47 you can get all
the information you need on how
to find Pick 4 Giveaway Numbers.

A TRAVELING Pick 4 Number....8788
a few days earlier on 8.11.2010
drove north from South Carolina
Pick 4 Midday drawing to arrive in time
to be drawn in the New York Win 4
Evening that same day. Keep a
"Keen Eye" for the possibility of
it traveling to your State's Pick 4

In the next Newsletter I'll list all the
other Pick 4 States that are giving

Good Luck and many happy returns
on your Pick 4 investments!

Copyright © Robert Walsh Enterprises 2010

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Virginia Pick 4 Lottery Provides Winning Pick 4 Number

"Success Strategies" Newsletter....August 8, 2010....

Have you taken your summer vacation
yet? Have you ever thought about
going to Virginia?

Since 1969 there tourism slogan is
"Virginia Is For Lovers." For those who
live in this historic State and love to
play the VA Pick 4 Lottery, their slogan
should read "Virginia is For Pick 4 Lovers".

A recent email in response to the last
Pick 4 Newsletter wanted to know
"anything in Virginia?"

Virginians, who have already
purchased my Pick 4 System, may
already know and cashed in on the recent
Pick 4 Triple number drawn as 1444.

Like George Washington, our Virginia
born Presidents, along with Thomas Jefferson
and James Madison who followed John
Adams in the White House, Virginia has
given a lot to this country.....and the
Virginia Pick 4 continues to provide
Winners to their native born sons and

My Pick 4 System also provides 20-plus
proven winning strategies to help create
in the Commonwealth of Virginia.

By learning and following the 20-plus winning
proven Strategies, you "know" the Strategy
that automatically puts the 1444
on your watch and play list.

Do you know what strategy
I am referring to? With only 2 numbers to play,
and play each number for $5 Straight, this
winning Pick 4 Triple rewards you with

This $25,000 was the same yearly salary
Thomas Jefferson received as President.

So, if you want to become a Presidential
Pick 4 Player in your own State, then
consider making another great investment with
over 52,000% return on your investment
with just one WIN - just like this!!!

Be Smart and invest wisely for a Bright

Good Luck and have a Prosperous Rest of 2010.

Copyright © Robert Walsh Enterprises 2010

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Hot Georgia Cash 4 Numbers Create Win-Win Opportunity

"Success Strategies" Newsletter....August 7, 2010....

Do you have a favorite song or a song
that is very meaningful to you?

I've been humming "Georgia On My Mind".
"Georgia,Georgia, The whole day
through just an old sweet song keeps
Georgia on my mind."

In the last newsletter I shared how the
Georgia Cash 4 opened the month of
August, 2010, with HOT Pick 4 Numbers
in the first three draws of the month.
These numbers are....0264....0265....0266!

With my Multiple Strategy Pick 4 System
Georgia Cash 4 players had the
opportunity to bring home the bacon
using one of the 20-plus proven winning
strategies. This is just another reason
why a multiple strategy system can
make you a Pick 4 Winner.

I also pointed out that the IL Pick 4
Lottery created HOT PICK 4 NUMBERS
with the correct use of my Multiple Strategy
System which produced a "GIVEAWAY NUMBER"

It only took 2 draws after the last form
was created by correctly applying the
strategies to the winning "connector".
So here is one option from my
Investment Strategy that gives you
a $14,000 ROI (return on your investment) of $40.

There were two (2) draws with $20 for
for each draw. There were five
Straight $2 Straight
on each of these five numbers for $10.
The ROI is $10,000. Play the
remaining $10 on Box Tickets. The
ROI is $4,000 for your Box Ticket
play (10 x $400).

NOW, the Georgia Cash 4 with my System
produced a "GIVEAWAY NUMBER"
with 0653. Four different winning
Cash 4 numbers became "Connectors"
using 4 different Strategies to create
these SAME FOUR DIGITS....0-6-5-3.

Here again, when talking
about your ROI ($14,000).....(remember the
Banks are offering 1% to 3%) about
a return of 29,700% ROI on $47.00....
the purchase price of my System!!!

If this keeps up in the Georgia Cash 4,
I may have to join Gladys Knight and the Pips,
and hop that "Midnight Train To Georgia"....
"I'll be with him on that midnight train to Georgia"!

Continued Success to all the
Georgia Cash 4 players!!!

Copyright © Robert Walsh Enterprises 2010

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Pick 4 Lottery System provides Midwest Giveaway Number

"Success Strategies" Newsletter....August 5, 2010....

We had more storms and rain overnight.
Folks are still cleaning up from the last storm.

But Pick 4 players from Illinois and Iowa
are singing with Barbra Streisand "Don't
bring around a cloud of rain on my parade!"

Once again, my Pick 4 System, using the
the Mini Tracking Sheet correctly, revealed
a "Giveaway Number" for players to play.

Last evening those four digits were drawn.
This Giveaway Number developed very
rapidly, and then paid off very quickly.
The Winning Pick 4 Number in the Illinois
Pick 4 and Iowa Pick 4 Lottery is 0844.

This happened in just 7 draws from start to finish
applying my Strategies, and some of them were very
obvious, especially for those who have my
Play & Win Daily Pick 4 With Big Cash Winning Numbers.

The Proven Winning Pick 4 Strategies
include a Chapter on "Connectors".
When 3 or more connectors create the same four digits,
then that Pick 4 number becomes a GIVEAWAY NUMBER.
Every Pick 4 player dreams of finding a Pick 4
Giveaway Number.

These are the numbers developed using the


These are five of the 12 possible STRAIGHT versions.
And, as you can see, it includes
the WINNER > 0844.

Of course, you would refer to the Investment and
Money Management Strategies to maximize
your investment in order to maximize your winnings.

For every $1 Winning Box Ticket Investment
you are guaranteed a $400 ROI
(return on investment).
For example, $10 worth of $1 Box Tickets
puts $4,000 in you pocket.

For every $1 Winning STRAIGHT Ticket Investment
on each of these five straight forms GUARANTEES
you $5,000.
For example, $10 worth of $1 STRAIGHT Tickets
(2 on each of the five numbers) adds $10,000
to your other pocket.
It took just 2 draws to play.....($20 x 2 draws = $40).

Now that is $14,000 ROI on a $40 Investment!

The first question is: Where can you go to get this
kind of return on your investment in just one day???

The second question is: Are you willing to invest
$47.00 to find out how to make money like this???

The third question is: Could you use an
extra $14,000 at this time in your life???

Opportunity is knocking, and Prosperity is right
behind it!

Good Luck and have a Prosperous 2nd half of 2010.

Copyright © Robert Walsh Enterprises 2010

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Pick 4 System Wins In North Carolina Pick 4 & Georgia Cash 4 Lottery

"Success Strategies" Newsletter, August 3, 2010....

August is here and so are the dog day
afternoons of the Baseball Season.
This is the month that makes or
breaks many teams in the second
half of the season. The Chicago
White Sox are still in first place
since the All-Star Break.

The Baseball season is much like
the Pick 4 Lottery player's year.
Once it begins you are in it all the
way until you become a Winner
at the end of the year.

With Pick 4, you have to have
a plan and strategies, and know
what you are doing. You plan
to have winning streaks, and
keep your losses to a minimum.
You do this by using the 20-plus
proven winning Strategies that
my Pick 4 System offers you.

Good Southern hospitality not
only welcomes you, but treats
you right with respect and
politeness, making you feel at
home like a member of the family.

The North Carolina Pick 4 and
Georgia Cash 4 Lottery couldn't have been
kinder to their lottery players in the
last couple of weeks.

The North Carolina Pick 4 treated
their players to a "super
connector" with 5336.
Those of you who already have my System
have read the Strategy on Connectors
and how they create other winning

5336, drawn on 7.17.2010,
became a Super Connector by
creating 4 box winning numbers,
one of which was a STRAIGHT WIN
using the Strategies which are available
to the pick 4 players who have my

The Winners are....


....all before the end of July 2010.

The Georgia Cash 4 rolled out
the red carpet for their Cash 4
players in the Best bit of Southern
Hospitality you have seen in a long,
long time.

Beginning with the Midday drawing
on August 1, the Winning Number
was 0264. That evening, just like a
second serving of a Georgia Peach
Cobbler or Pecan Pie, they served
up 0265. It doesn't get any better
or easier than this!

Just when you thought you had
seen it all, good ole Southern
Hospitality pulls out the trifecta
in the following Midday drawing
on August 2nd when the Winning
Cash 4 Number drawn was 0266.

My Pick 4 System's Formula provided
you with the same strategy that gave
you Back-To-Back Straight Wins!!!

Like a good baseball player, if you
know what the next pitch is going
to be, then there is a good chance
you will hit a HOME RUN!

With my Pick 4 System you learn
to follow the numbers and apply the
winning strategies which add up
to good ole Southern Hospitality
with some delicious Cash 4 payoffs.

Good Luck and have a Prosperous
2nd half of the Year.

Copyright © Robert Walsh Enterprises 2010