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Thursday, March 1, 2012

How To Win The Pick 4 Lottery With Traveling Pick 4 Numbers

'Success Strategies' Newsletter, March 1, 2012....

Yesterday was February 29th, the Leap Day,
that EXTRA DAY that comes every four years.

If you worked, which you probably did, you

Do you have any plans for that EXTRA CASH?

How would you like to MAKE THE MOST of your
EXTRA DAY'S PAY by playing the Pick 4 lottery.

Did you ever asked yourself how to win the Pick 4
by taking advantage of traveling Pick 4

Think about investing a dollar or $2 on a traveling
Pick 4 Triple Number as mentioned below.

Pick 4 Triples have a nice payout for 2-$.50
BOX TICKETS which represent one $1 investment.

This $1 investment pays $1200 in most lotteries
when the Pick 4 Triple is drawn in any of the four
orders, such as 9997, 9979, 9799 or 7999.

One of the Free Gifts I offer in my Pick 4 System
is a Triple and Quad History Chart.

This way you can keep track of the
Pick 4 Triples that are drawn in your State's Lottery.

Below is the list of some traveling Pick 4 Triples for
the month of February 2012 beginning with....

9799 (MO) >>> 7999 (NC) >>> 9997 (IN)

8488 (OH) >>> 8848 (TX)

8188 (ONCA) >>> 8848 (OH)

6166 (DE) >>> 6616 (TX)

4464 (VA) >>> 6444 (CT)

4344 (VA) >>> 4434 (PA)

3373 (LA) >>> 3733 (TN)

2224 (AR) >>> 2224 (RI)

That EXTRA DAY'S PAY might be worth
a whole lot more when you invest it in the
right Pick 4 System that not only helps
you to connect drawn Pick 4 numbers
that lead to these traveling Pick 4
Numbers, but also helps you to keep
track of drawn Pick 4 triples the correct

If you took ADVANTAGE of the EXTRA DAY
by going to work on February 29th, then it's
not too late to take ADVANTAGE of the
EXTRA DAY'S PAY with the right investment
on a TRAVELING PICK 4 TRIPLE in March....
creating your own MARCH MADNESS!

Best Regards,

Robert Walsh