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Monday, August 31, 2009

Record Straight Winning Pick 4 Lottery Numbers In The U.S. Canada & Puerto Rico

August 24, 2009, marked the MOST SUCCESSFUL DAY to date for "Play & Win Daily Pick 4 With Big Cash Winning Numbers" with 17 STRAIGHT WINS in the United States, Canada & Puerto Rico Pick 4 Lotteries. What other system shows these kind of results in one day?

7 Lotteries produce back-to-back STRAIGHT WINS in their midday & evening drawings. The seven lotteries are Connecticut Play 4, Delaware Pick 4, District of Columbia DC-4, Maine Pick 4, Massachusetts Numbers, New Hampshire Pick 4 & Vermont Pick 4.
Puerto Rico's Pega 4 Lottery combines its August 24th WIN with Saturday's WIN for the eighth back-to-back STRAIGHT WIN combination.

In August alone there have been 33 back-to-back Pick 4 Straight winning combinations using the strategies offered in “Play & Win Daily Pick 4 With Big Cash Winning Numbers”.

From August 16th through August 24th there are 135 BOX WINS. The use of the strategies and trends found in "Play & Win Daily Pick 4 With Big Cash Winning Numbers" which is available at are reason for these BOX WIN successes. Each of the 34 U.S. and Canadian Pick 4 Lotteries has at least one set of back-to-back Box Wins to their credit.

During this same time period there are a total of 77 Straight Wins scattered throughout the 34 Pick 4 Lotteries in the United States, Canada, and Puerto Rico, and these include the above mentioned back-to-back Straight Wins.

August is an extremely successful month for this book’s 20 Proven Winning Strategies.

The month got off to a fast start with every State/Provincial Pick 4 Lottery recording a Straight Win before the month is half over through the use of these strategies. These hot Pick 4 winning numbers keep coming culminating in this massive explosion of back-to-back Straight Pick 4 Wins on August 24th.

When a Pick 4 system is able to produce back-to-back Straight Wins, it speaks volumes as to the workability of the system. When it happens once or twice a month, it would be very good. But to have it happen eight times in one day is phenomenal!

The monetary gain that can be made with back-to-back Straight Wins can reach half a million dollars easily. With $5000 payoff per every $1 Straight Ticket, one $100 investment on the second winning Pick 4 Number pays $500,000.

I am not sure that the author or the Pick 4 players who purchased this book dreamed of the potential of having such phenomenal success to the point of adding half a million dollars to their personal wealth in one day.

Dreams can come true!

Copyright © Robert Walsh Enterprises 2009

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Hot Winning Pick 4 Numbers The Latest Gift

Gift Giving can be a tricky thing these days, especially when you don't know the person and his/her tastes, likes, or dislikes. Even if it seems to be a bit crude, and less thoughtful than taking time to shop for a unique gift for a special person, a gift of CASH always seems to be appreciated.

Some people give potential cash gifts in the form of gift cards or lottery tickets, the latter which grow exponentially in value when these numbers are drawn. The next best gift is simply giving Hot Winning Pick 4 Numbers themselves, and let the recipient decide how to play the Pick 4 according how much he/she would like the Gift or Endowment to be!

It seems that one of the Hot Gifts being given recently is the same four Pick 4 Winning digits from one State to another on the same day. This neighborly gift giving is going on between the Maryland Pick 4 and the Delaware Pick 4.

I first noticed this trend on July 17, 2009 with their respective Midday drawings. In Maryland whose Midday drawing is at 12:28pm drew 4642. The Maryland Pick 4 sent out these HOT Pick 4 numbers in plenty of time for the Delaware Pick 4 to receive them prior to their Midday draw at 1:58 pm in the form of 6442.

If you were aware of this potential generous monetary gift in the form of these Hot Pick 4 digits, every $1 invested on these Pick 4 hot winning numbers multiplied the ultimate Gift by $400. A $20 investment created a $8,000 Endowment/Gift.

Again, on August 3, 2009 the same gift giving took place with the Midday drawing between these same two friends, Maryland Pick 4 and Delaware Pick 4 with the Maryland Lottery 6938 being sent to the Delaware Lottery in the form of 3896.

These Midday Pick 4 Hot Winning Numbers unfortunately are the only real MONETARY GIFT-GIVING opportunities that are available due to the difference in the drawing times. Despite the fact that same thoughtfulness occurred in the Evening Pick 4 draw on the same day of August 3, 2009 with the 3378 & the travelling 7338, it leaves no time to play 7338 since there is only a one minute difference in the Evening drawing times of Maryland and Delaware Pick 4 Lotteries.

The other gift giving attempt occured on the Evening of July 23, 2009 when the Maryland Pick 4 drew 5640 and Delaware Pick 4 drew 6054.

But August 3, 2009 seemed to be "Generous Gift Giving Day" because the Ohio Pick 4 in the same thoughtfulness sent the Hot Pick 4 Winning Numbers of 1108 to their Indiana "Hoosier" Daily 4 neighbors in the form of 1018. This was 45 minutes prior to the actual drawing of the Daily 4 Hoosier Midday Lottery Numbers.

The time differences between the Maryland/Delaware and Ohio/Indiana Midday drawings does give the Pick 4 players living close enough time to cross State lines could have received back a similar gift from their gift receiving friends with a short drive during one's Lunch break.

So be awake and alert, you never know when a return gift is only a few minutes away.

Copyright © Robert Walsh Enterprises 2009

Monday, August 3, 2009

Robert Walsh Pick 4 System

Sometimes we can't remember long complicated names, website urls or book titles. So we remember shorter simpler names to get us where we need to go. Web surfers can not remember or the book title: Play & Win Daily Pick 4 With Big Cash Winning Numbers. What they do remember is "Robert Walsh Pick 4 System", it fits nicely in their memory bank. They visited the website, and read about the book, but couldn't remember that long url.

I must confess at times I have a hard time remembering it correctly as well. But in creating the url I wanted to get all the Pick 4 Names from the different State Lotteries in the website's URL. I wanted lottery players to identify this system on how to win Pick 4 game in their own State by name, since these 20 Proven Strategies work in all of them.

Play 4, Daily 4, Pick 4, Daily Pick 4, Cash 4, Win 4, Big 4, Numbers are all represented directly or, in some cases, indirectly in the url. After the fact, I wish I had chosen a shorter title, but I am grateful for people's memory banks for holding on to my name, Robert Walsh, and the product, a Pick 4 System.

Trying to tie words together in a meaningful way to get out and convey just the right message is not always easy. I was proud of the URL for doing just that. The unaccounted word "mega" has a dual important meaning.

First,the obvious, that Pick 4 players in the United States, Canada, and Puerto Rico can win "mega cash" using my system and identifying the strategies and trends, and then applying them to Winning Pick 4 Numbers to create a new Winning Pick 4 Number for STRAIGHT WINS. A STRAIGHT Pick 4 Win with a $40 investment/wager pays the Pick 4 Player $200,000.....that's "BIG MEGA CASH".

The second part of the "mega" message is to all the Mega Millions, Powerball, and State Lottery Players, they should STOP THROWING THEIR MONEY AWAY week after week chasing these Multi-Million Dollar Grand Prizes with the unwinnable odds of over 1.25 million to 1 odds of winning.

These players should play the Pick 4 Lottery with it very winnable 10,000 to 1 chance of winning the $5,000 Grand Prize Straight Win compared to the above mentioned lotteries. Using my Pick 4 System with the 20 Proven Winning Strategies can further reduce the odds of winning in their favor as well.

Not only can they start out winning Pick 4 STRAIGHT Tickets, but also Box Wins with pay outs of $200 to $1200 for the same $1 investment. According to my System, the Financial Investment Strategy urges the Pick 4 Winner to play with this "free money" rather than his/her own on all future wagering. I encourage them to divide their winnings into two to play with and the other to pay off debt.

So there it is....the history of Robert Walsh's Pick 4 System and his long URL and Book Title, which may not be memorable, but is very winnable in every Pick 4 lottery in the United States, Canada, and Puerto Rico. Type in "Robert Walsh Pick 4 System" and check out how the System is doing in these first 3 days of August.

Copyright © Robert Walsh Enterprises 2009

Sunday, August 2, 2009

What Makes Up A Winning Pick 4 System

Browsing the internet you discover that there are many Pick 4 systems offered. The question arises...."Which Pick 4 system do I buy?"

What makes up a winning Pick 4 system....

1. Remember that you'll always get what you pay for. Higher priced systems usually mean that the author invested much time in researching, developing, and writing the system to ensure you'll get a high quality Pick 4 Proven and Winning System. A lower priced Pick 4 lottery system usually means that it's very basic and at best mediocre giving you information you usually can get for free. It is very general and less specific in its content.

2. The Pick 4 system you purchase should be written in clear English with many examples & easy to follow instructions.

3. Look for systems with a wide variety of verifiable examples that you apply to your own State's Daily Pick 4 Lottery Game. With verifiable examples, I mean that you're able to verify results of the example from your State's Lottery archives.

4. Is it unique or different than others in its content, namely not the same basic information recycled and/or repackaged?

5. Does it have a money back guarantee as a part of its purchase offer.

Copyright © Robert Walsh Enterprises 2009