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Thursday, December 24, 2009

Winning Pick 4 Lottery System - More Pick 4 Strategies & Tips

Previously I gave the answers to the challenge in using the Mini Tracking Sheet (MTS) and Strategies to find playable Pick 4 Numbers to invest in.

Each of the three (3) Pick 4 numbers had appeared either 4x or 5x on previous winning numbers worksheets using various strategies.

I chose these sets of numbers for a variety of reasons, but for three reasons in particular. The first reason was since they had a high number of connectors I wanted each of you to test your skills in using your MTS and record your Notes and findings after applying my 22 proven winning Pick 4 strategies to each of the numbers.


The second reason was that I want you to realize that you could do this, namely find a set of four Pick 4 digits that has multiple connectors. When this happens then you most likely have reduced your play list down to one set of Box Pick 4 Numbers. Sometimes this is a Giveaway Number, especially when 2 or more of the strategy converted numbers have the same order. In this case you might increase your investment level on this particular Pick 4 number!

I found a message on Twitter that I am going to use from now on in regards to encouraging you to practice and learn the Strategies, and it is "Practice 'til its fun!"

When I first read this phrase it struck a chord in me. Most of us don't like to practice anything. But I thought back to my childhood, and practicing the piano. It was such a pain until one day all the practice paid off and I could read the music and play the song.....then it became FUN!

And the same is TRUE with the Pick 4 strategies; there is so much information to learn, and by practicing over and over again, you hit pay dirt with your FIRST WIN. You cash the Winning Ticket and you put that FREE Money in your pocket. NOW THAT IS FUN!

The third reason I chose the challenge was to give you proof that the system works, well, not necessarily you, but the naysayers and every doubting Thomas that wants to claim that the system doesn't work.

Some of you may have noticed that each of three (3) Pick 4 numbers that were the answers with multiple connectors were not drawn as Winning Pick 4 Numbers on the list or later. Some of the critics of my Pick 4 system claim it is EASY to find the "connectors" and "winning numbers" after the fact when the numbers are drawn.


The TRUTH is if you can LEARN to FIND "CONNECTORS" by working back from Winning Pick 4 Numbers, then you can reverse the process, and begin to FIND WINNING PICK 4 NUMBERS AHEAD OF TIME!!!

The Second part of the Challenge was to create a MIND SET as to HOW MANY DRAWS YOU WOULD PLAY THESE NUMBERS FOR?

So here are some of the Winning Pick 4 Numbers that you might have FOUND AND PLAYED recently as a result of the Challenge:

In the Tri-State Lottery of Maine, New Hampshire, and Vermont the 12.15.09 Midday Winning Pick 4 Number 4940 had four (4) connectors pointing to it. It took 10 days/20 draws from the fourth connector to be drawn. The $20 Box investment ($1 Box Ticket for 20 draws) returned 2000% return of $400.

In the Florida Play 4 Lottery the 4477 was the Play 4 Winning drawn number on 12.15.09 Midday. It had 4 connectors pointing to it. It took 9 draws in 5 days and paid off 8900% return of $800 for $9 from the fourth connector!

In the Pega 4 Loteria in Puerto Rico the 12.15.09 evening draw produced 4862 as the winning number. It had 5 connectors pointing to it. It took 5days/5 draws from the fifth connector to receive $200....4000% return on $5 at the $1 Box Investment level.

Lastly, I want you to be a winner and take advantage of the FREE MONEY from your State's Pick 4 Lottery. The Tip of the Week is ALWAYS back up any STRAIGHT BET with a BOX BET on any number you play. This way you put FREE MONEY in your pocket if your four digits come in, but not as the Straight order you played it.

For those of you who not yet bought the updated copy of Play & Win Daily Pick 4 With Big Cash Winning Numbers I have the Twelve Days of Christmas Free Book Giveaway going on at the 20% OFF Special Price of $37.00 and the possibility of you getting the book for FREE if you are the Winner of the Giveaway.

Happy Holidays To Everyone!

Robert Walsh

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Sunday, December 20, 2009

Winning Pick 4 Lottery System With 20-Plus Pick 4 Strategies Shows The Winners

Below is a list of 8 days of winning IL Pick 4 numbers (Nov. 16 - Nov. 23).

From this list you are able to discover 3 potential winning Pick 4 numbers using the 20-plus strategies of my Pick 4 lottery system found in the newly updated copy of Play & Win Daily Pick 4 With Big Cash Winning Numbers

This test enables you to see how well you have developed your "KEEN EYE".

Each of these numbers is playing off multiple connectors. One has 5 connectors, and the other 2 numbers have 4 connectors.

Find the connector and the strategy you used to convert them into the winning number.

11.16 MD.....9936 EVE.....8363
11.17 MD.....1583 EVE.....8417
11.18 MD.....1900 EVE.....6136
11.19 MD.....0132 EVE.....0410
11.20 MD.....2716 EVE.....9479
11.21 MD.....3171 EVE.....1789
11.22 MD.....SUN EVE.....9740
11.23 MD.....5459 EVE.....7792

The answers are....
• 8836.....4 times
• 7317.....4 times
• 1973.....5 times

The point of the challenge besides testing how much you have learned and to demonstrate the power of the Mini Tracking Sheet and to show you that you can indeed find potential winning Pick 4 numbers ahead of time using my Pick 4 lottery system.

The second challenge in the last newsletter came in the form of a question dealing with "patience" in waiting for that winning Pick 4 number to be drawn. How long would you play the number?

In the Tennessee Pick 4 Lottery one number took 8 draws within the first 6 days of December to be drawn as the winning number.

The $5,000 return cost you an investment of $64 using Strategy #7....7800% return within 6 days.

At the other extreme, in the Massachusetts Number Lottery in November, 2009, it took 22 draws for a "triple" to come in as the winning number. Using the information on how to play "triples", you brought home a STRAIGHT WIN of more than $4,300 FREE money with an investment of $88 with the MA Numbers pari-mutuel payout of $4340 at a 4930% return in just 10 days.

Happy Holidays to You and Your family!

Robert Walsh

Copyright © Robert Walsh Enterprises 2009

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

20-Plus Pick 4 Strategies by Robert Walsh - Latest Updates

During the first seven days in November 2009 the 20-plus winning Pick 4 strategies featured in Play & Win Daily Pick 4 With Big Cash Winning Numbers produced 310 back-to-back Box Wins and 7 back-to-back Straight Wins.

The website continues to offer its FREE ebook, preview and newsletter.

In addition, Robert Walsh is offering his best selling book for a limited time at a special holiday offer of $10 OFF.

Copyright © Robert Walsh Enterprises 2009

Monday, December 7, 2009

Let The Winning Pick 4 Numbers Do The Talking

Dear Pick 4 Players,

I would like to come back to one of my major themes. Use the worksheet and mini tracking sheet to find winning Pick 4 numbers. The worksheet reveals your Pick 4 numbers to play. Let the Numbers Do the Talking
The mini tracking sheet is the essential tool for discovering numbers, strategies, & trends. Until you are able to create numbers by sight using the strategies, the worksheet and mini tracking sheet are important, not just as a learning tool, but also as a recording device.

It is important to apply the worksheet and mini tracking sheet to each and every drawn number.

Here's a list to do with the worksheet. and one example how the worksheet works....

You should try to get into the habit of applying the worksheet after each drawing.

Compare worksheets to find the same set of 4 digits revealed by the strategies, even in different orders
Track the repeating 4 digits on your mini tracking sheet plus the strategy used to create it.

If a set of the same 4 digits created by the strategies and using the worksheet comes up 3 or more times, consider playing these 4 digits.
Develop an investment plan as outlined in the book.
Begin playing this set of 4 digits according to your budget.

The following is an example from the Georgia Cash 4 Lottery....

In August 2009 using the Georgia Cash 4 Lottery this real-live example illustrates how the Pick 4 strategies and trends work. From the free worksheet I provide in the book, five (5) previous winning Cash 4 numbers point to 0692 as "the set of 4 digits" to play.

Along with 3 other STRAIGHT forms found by using the Strategies you set up an Investment Plan to cover a Straight & Box Win at the Basic $1 level for a modest $10 per drawing investment based on what the Number TRENDS are telling you.

The investment plan guarantees a minimum of $1,200 for any BOX WIN, and an additional $5,000 for any of the 4 Straight forms revealed by the Strategies in "Play & Win Daily Pick 4 With Big Cash Winning Numbers".

5 drawings later 0692 is drawn. For one $50 investment, a knowledgeable Cash 4 player applying the Strategies and Trends outlined wins $6,200.
After covering the $50 investment and the one-time special offer of $47 for the ebook, this Cash 4 player walks away with a FREE Pick 4 System and $6,100 FREE money.
Check the website for special Holiday offer.

To test your skills.... in the Massachusetts Numbers on 11.24.09 the Midday number – 6894 – played off other numbers using five different strategies....can you find the connectors? It did not create a Straight Win, but when you are only playing one set of Pick 4 digits you can increase your investment amount. For every $1 Box Ticket the return is $200. $10 worth of Box Tickets create a $2000 pay off. The well developed “Keen Eye” Numbers player could have added some Strategy #14 plays to create a STRAIGHT WIN. Go to the MA Numbers website and their archives to retrieve the Pick 4 numbers.

Happy Holidays,

Robert Walsh

Copyright © Robert Walsh Enterprises 2009

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Winning Pick 4 Strategies by Robert Walsh - November Update

During the month of November the winning Pick 4 strategies in "Play & Win Daily Pick 4 With Big Cash Winning Numbers" produced 1401 back-to-back BOX wins and 31 back-to-back STRAIGHT wins.

These results show that purchasing the right Pick 4 system certainly pays off.

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