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Sunday, December 20, 2009

Winning Pick 4 Lottery System With 20-Plus Pick 4 Strategies Shows The Winners

Below is a list of 8 days of winning IL Pick 4 numbers (Nov. 16 - Nov. 23).

From this list you are able to discover 3 potential winning Pick 4 numbers using the 20-plus strategies of my Pick 4 lottery system found in the newly updated copy of Play & Win Daily Pick 4 With Big Cash Winning Numbers

This test enables you to see how well you have developed your "KEEN EYE".

Each of these numbers is playing off multiple connectors. One has 5 connectors, and the other 2 numbers have 4 connectors.

Find the connector and the strategy you used to convert them into the winning number.

11.16 MD.....9936 EVE.....8363
11.17 MD.....1583 EVE.....8417
11.18 MD.....1900 EVE.....6136
11.19 MD.....0132 EVE.....0410
11.20 MD.....2716 EVE.....9479
11.21 MD.....3171 EVE.....1789
11.22 MD.....SUN EVE.....9740
11.23 MD.....5459 EVE.....7792

The answers are....
• 8836.....4 times
• 7317.....4 times
• 1973.....5 times

The point of the challenge besides testing how much you have learned and to demonstrate the power of the Mini Tracking Sheet and to show you that you can indeed find potential winning Pick 4 numbers ahead of time using my Pick 4 lottery system.

The second challenge in the last newsletter came in the form of a question dealing with "patience" in waiting for that winning Pick 4 number to be drawn. How long would you play the number?

In the Tennessee Pick 4 Lottery one number took 8 draws within the first 6 days of December to be drawn as the winning number.

The $5,000 return cost you an investment of $64 using Strategy #7....7800% return within 6 days.

At the other extreme, in the Massachusetts Number Lottery in November, 2009, it took 22 draws for a "triple" to come in as the winning number. Using the information on how to play "triples", you brought home a STRAIGHT WIN of more than $4,300 FREE money with an investment of $88 with the MA Numbers pari-mutuel payout of $4340 at a 4930% return in just 10 days.

Happy Holidays to You and Your family!

Robert Walsh

Copyright © Robert Walsh Enterprises 2009

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