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Monday, December 7, 2009

Let The Winning Pick 4 Numbers Do The Talking

Dear Pick 4 Players,

I would like to come back to one of my major themes. Use the worksheet and mini tracking sheet to find winning Pick 4 numbers. The worksheet reveals your Pick 4 numbers to play. Let the Numbers Do the Talking
The mini tracking sheet is the essential tool for discovering numbers, strategies, & trends. Until you are able to create numbers by sight using the strategies, the worksheet and mini tracking sheet are important, not just as a learning tool, but also as a recording device.

It is important to apply the worksheet and mini tracking sheet to each and every drawn number.

Here's a list to do with the worksheet. and one example how the worksheet works....

You should try to get into the habit of applying the worksheet after each drawing.

Compare worksheets to find the same set of 4 digits revealed by the strategies, even in different orders
Track the repeating 4 digits on your mini tracking sheet plus the strategy used to create it.

If a set of the same 4 digits created by the strategies and using the worksheet comes up 3 or more times, consider playing these 4 digits.
Develop an investment plan as outlined in the book.
Begin playing this set of 4 digits according to your budget.

The following is an example from the Georgia Cash 4 Lottery....

In August 2009 using the Georgia Cash 4 Lottery this real-live example illustrates how the Pick 4 strategies and trends work. From the free worksheet I provide in the book, five (5) previous winning Cash 4 numbers point to 0692 as "the set of 4 digits" to play.

Along with 3 other STRAIGHT forms found by using the Strategies you set up an Investment Plan to cover a Straight & Box Win at the Basic $1 level for a modest $10 per drawing investment based on what the Number TRENDS are telling you.

The investment plan guarantees a minimum of $1,200 for any BOX WIN, and an additional $5,000 for any of the 4 Straight forms revealed by the Strategies in "Play & Win Daily Pick 4 With Big Cash Winning Numbers".

5 drawings later 0692 is drawn. For one $50 investment, a knowledgeable Cash 4 player applying the Strategies and Trends outlined wins $6,200.
After covering the $50 investment and the one-time special offer of $47 for the ebook, this Cash 4 player walks away with a FREE Pick 4 System and $6,100 FREE money.
Check the website for special Holiday offer.

To test your skills.... in the Massachusetts Numbers on 11.24.09 the Midday number – 6894 – played off other numbers using five different strategies....can you find the connectors? It did not create a Straight Win, but when you are only playing one set of Pick 4 digits you can increase your investment amount. For every $1 Box Ticket the return is $200. $10 worth of Box Tickets create a $2000 pay off. The well developed “Keen Eye” Numbers player could have added some Strategy #14 plays to create a STRAIGHT WIN. Go to the MA Numbers website and their archives to retrieve the Pick 4 numbers.

Happy Holidays,

Robert Walsh

Copyright © Robert Walsh Enterprises 2009

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