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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Pick 4 Lottery - Here Is What You Have Been Missing

Don't you hate it when you miss out on
an opportunity to make money or save
money on a sale because you weren't
in the right place at the right time?

There are so many opportunities that
come along that you can't be at the
right place every time.

Sometimes you get so busy in our own
personal lives that you intentionally or
unintentionally shut out the rest of the

In the world of Winning Pick 4 Numbers
the month of March 2013 produced many
Pick 4 Triples and Pick 4 Double-Doubles
which are known as the Big Mega Cash
Winning Numbers based on their large
ROI (Return On Investment)..

Following are the Big Mega Cash Winning
Numbers drawn during the first half of March

March 1: Oregon: 4242....Massachusetts:8686
Kentucky: 6886....Kentucky: 9000
Texas: 0990....Oklahoma: 4466

March 2: Michigan: 5595....Delaware: 0220
New Jersey: 0880....Texas: 6776

March 3: Illinois: 9898....Rhode Island:8808

March 4: Oregon: 5855....Pennsylvania: 4646
Michigan: 0070....Kentucky: 0777

March 5: Indiana: 6161....New York: 8808
Florida: 6333

March 6: Rhode Island: 6566....D.C.:3883
Virginia: 9888....Arkansas: 1117
Oklahoma: 2244

March 7: Iowa: 1119....South Carolina: 4949
Florida: 6626

March 8: Pennsylvania: 3332....Ohio: 2424
Florida: 0200

March 9: Arkansas: 6696....Ontario CA: 1121

March 11: New York: 6556

March 12: Connecticut: 6663....D.C.: 2220
West Virginia: 5995....So. Carolina: 3338
Puerto Rico: 4040

March 13: Missouri: 0088 Indiana: 3393
Tennessee: 7773....Florida: 4114
Florida: 2922....Ontario CA: 4664

March 14: Illinois: 9666....Arkansas: 4944

March 15: Iowa: 2233...New York: 6262
So. Carolina....9990....California....6336
Ontario CA: 7770

In just the first half of MARCH 2103
twenty-six different lotteries produced
26 - Pick 4 Double-Doubles and
30 - Pick 4 Triples.

My Pick 4 System is based on the FACT 
that Pick 4 Numbers are CONNECTED  
to each other.

This connection is confirmed by one of
my proven and winning Strategies.

That's the reason a number of these 
Winning Pick 4 Double-Doubles and 
Triple Numbers were created by my 
Pick 4 System's Strategies.

Some of these Double-Doubles and 
Triples were also GIVEAWAY 
NUMBERS to play, such as March 7:  
South Carolina: 4949 & March 13:
Missouri: 0088 and March 14:  
Illinois: 9666.

On my Pick 4 Website S.R.'s Testimonial from
Pennsylvania highlights how these Pick 4
Double-Doubles and Triples PAID OFF BIG
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paycheck and are looking for a little breathing
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Since I don't want to make this newsletter to
look like a 1040 Federal Tax Return filling the
page with more numbers, let me summarize
the second half of March 2013.

From March 16 through March 31 2013,
the second half of MARCH 2013,
thirty-one different lotteries produced
26 - Pick 4 Double-Doubles and
30 - Pick 4 Triples.

That's a total of 116 Big Mega Cash 
Winning Pick 4 Numbers....

  • 52 - Pick 4 Double-Doubles and
  • 64 - Pick 4 Triples March 2013.

Each one was an opportunity to put some
EXTRA CASH in your pocket.

Have a Prosperous 2013!

Best Regards,

Robert Walsh