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Monday, March 28, 2011

Pick 4 Lottery System Scores Triple Win in Magnum 4D Lottery In Malaysia

Robert Walsh Enterprises is proud to announce a Triple Win with their Pick 4 Lottery System in the Malaysia Magnum 4D Lottery. One Malaysian player who purchased “Play & Win Daily Pick 4 With Big Cash Winning Numbers” scored an unprecedented triple tier win, having winning tickets on the First Prize Drawn number, the Second Prize Drawn number, and the Third Prize Drawn Number in the March 5, 2011 drawing.

Unlike the U.S. Pick 4 Lotteries, the Magnum 4D Lottery draws 23 numbers per drawing. They offer 10 Consolation Numbers, 10 Special Numbers, and one Third Prize Number, one Second Prize Number, and one First Prize Number, which is the last number to be drawn.

The Magnum 4D Lottery, which holds 3 drawings per week, unlike the U.S. and Canadian Pick 4 Lotteries, does not offer “Box” Tickets on any number. The player must have the EXACT ORDER for the winning drawn number or play a “Combination” Ticket for all possible Exact Orders of any 4D number’s permutations.

For a set of one Pick 4 “Single” Number” with all four digits requires to cover (twenty four) 24 different orders. Pick 4 “Double” numbers require coverage for twelve (12) different orders. Two-pair 4D numbers or “Double-Double” Pick 4 Number require the player to cover six (6) different exact orders. Pick 4 or 4D Triples require the player to cover just four (4) exact orders.

The Magnum 4D Drawing # 713/11 on March 5, 2011 drew the following top Tier first three 4D Prize Winning Numbers: Third Prize: 8471, Second Prize: 8127, and First Prize: 4175.

Robert Walsh’s Enterprises’ website,, offers the photo of the winning tickets provided by the player himself as testimonial to the success that their Pick 4 Lottery System is having with 4D style lotteries, such as the Malaysian Magnum 4D Lottery, when applied correctly.

There are actually five winning Tickets – all combination tickets – one winning ticket on the First Prize number, and two winning tickets on each of the Second and Third Prize numbers.

What makes these winnings an even more incredible accomplishment is that this Pick 4 Lottery System is written in English for the American and Canadian style Pick 4 Lotteries, not the Malaysian 4D style lottery with its 23 drawn numbers. This player has English as a second language, and yet has been able to understand the Strategies and the System and apply them correctly to the Magnum 4D Lottery to be a BIG WINNER!

Pick 4 players worldwide with a strong commitment and determination to learn this Pick 4 System, available at, are becoming winners and cashing winning tickets in their country’s Pick 4 Lottery Games.

This attests to the claim of Robert Walsh Enterprises that “Play & Win Daily Pick 4 With Big Cash Winning Numbers” when correctly used is successful in every Pick 4 Lottery worldwide.

Next, for your FREE Gift, How To Play & Win The Pick 4 Lottery, which includes your FREE Pick 4 Mini Tracking Sheet, visit Pick 4 Lottery System.

Copyright © Robert Walsh Enterprises 2011

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Smart Pick 4 Lottery Winners Know What To Look For

'Success Strategies' Newsletter....March 23, 2011....

Were you one of recent Smart Pick 4 Players
to take advantage of the "Luck of the Irish
March Madness Sale and SAVE $5?

If you were, now is the time to LEARN my
Pick 4 Lottery System. It seems that a lot of
lottery players who are impatient and caught
up in the excitement of winning with my
Pick 4 Lottery System DO NOT TAKE THE TIME

To be a SMART Pick 4 Player, as it is with
any investment proposition (lottery, stocks,
bonds, real estate, sports betting) one
there are no shortcuts.
The investment player NEEDS TO PRACTICE THE SYSTEM

Successful investors/gamblers according to
the authors of the article "Can Gambling be
Considered Investing or Is Investing Gambling?"
share the same characteristics....

• They are highly educated.

• They share a knowledge of mathematics.

• They used this skill as a tool to analyze their content.

• They are hard working and highly dedicated.

• They never gave up on their pursuits.

• They all succeeded in the long run.

• They shared their hard work and knowledge with others.

Success didn't come overnight, but after years of
studying, practicing, and hard work.

For you to succeed you need to incorporate some of
these characteristics into your life, and you can't
give up.

Remember all the hard work and thousands of hours
of research on the Pick 4 lottery has already been
done by me. I am sharing the knowledge gained in
those years of research. I EXPLAIN ALL THE

To be successful it is your job to be determined
and make a commitment to learn how to use
my Pick 4 Lottery System CORRECTLY.

On my website I recently highlighted the Success of
one 4D player from Malaysia who purchased my Pick 4
System, and WON the top 3 Prizes in their 4D Magnum
Lottery Game.

This particular player has English as a second
language, is using my Pick 4 System that wasn't
written particularly for that style of Pick 4 Lottery,
but with tons of determination he has LEARNED the
Strategies in my System and applied it to the
4D Lotto with 23 winning numbers to SKILLFULLY
on the top 2 prize levels.

What is the difference between this 4D player
and you?
What kind of commitment do you have in becoming a

In these newsletters I point out to you
things that you should be looking for
in your Pick 4 Lottery game. By KNOWING
WHAT TO LOOK FOR, you're a step ahead
of the average Pick 4 player that randomly
attempts to find a winning number.

If you have purchased my Pick 4 Lottery System

I am again focusing on the money making
Pick 4 numbers this month, namely Triples
and Double-Doubles....they have been coming
BOX NUMBERS in the Pick 4 with winnings
of $800 to $1200 for one single $1 investment.

One of my other favorite topics is TRAVELING
NUMBERS. Combining these two pieces of
information here's a real SUCCESS STORY....

In the Illinois Pick 4 the following Pick 4 Triples
were drawn this month.....

3.10 EVE.....3666
3.11 MD.......1151
3.19 MD.......3363

In the Maryland Pick 4 the following Pick 4
Triples were drawn this month....

3.21 EVE....3336
3.22 MD......1151

Do you notice anything special about
the Maryland Pick 4 Triples?

Here are some other Pick 4 Traveling
Triples and Double-Double Numbers....

FL PLAY 4....3.1E....2221 > AR CASH 4....3.11E....1222

PA BIG 4....3.2E....2233 > WI DAILY PICK 4....3.22E....2323

SC PICK 4....3.7E....1991 > CT PLAY 4....3.9E....9119

MA Numbers....3.2E....4334 > IN DAILY 4....3.5D....4343

LA PICK 4....3.4E....3533 > NJ PICK 4....3.14E....5333

OR PICK 4....3.1/4pm....9969 > NC PICK 4....3.11D....9699

AR CASH 4....3.5D....7711 > NJ PICK 4....3.10D....1177 NJ PICK 4....3.10D....1177 > CT PLAY 4....3.11D....1771

MD PICK 4....3.9D....9399 > TX DAILY 3....3.11D....9993

IL PICK 4....3.10E....3666 > DC- 4....3.20D....6663

PA BIG 4....3.10D....2333 > OH PICK 4....3.21D....3233

MO PICK 4....3.12E....1116 > MI DAILY 4....3.19D....1116

GA CASH 4....3.15E....8080 > IN DAILY 4....3.22D....8080

Some 20 different States are involved in these TRAVELING


Copyright © Robert Walsh Enterprises 2011

Copyright © Robert Walsh Enterprises 2011

Thursday, March 17, 2011

YouTube Video - How To Find Any Good Pick 3 & Pick 4 Lottery System

If you are tired of purchasing Pick 3 Lottery Systems and Pick 4 Lottery Systems that don't work or can't get a response from the author, here are some things to consider before purchasing any Lottery System.

By asking questions ahead of time about any Pick 3 Lottery System or Pick 4 Lottery System and/or paying attention to what is present in newsletters or on the website can help lottery players make a smart choice when purchasing any Lottery System.

Copyright © Robert Walsh Enterprises 2011

Saturday, March 12, 2011

How To Find Any Good Pick 3 Lottery System & Pick 4 Lottery System

If you are tired of purchasing Pick 3 and Pick 4 Lottery Systems that don't work or can't get a response from the author, here are some things to consider before purchasing any Lottery System. So many Pick 3 or Pick 4 players have purchased Systems that have been real failures. Here are some questions you might like to ask before you make a purchase.

Does the author provide his or her real name? So much on the internet offers opportunity for a person to create images of him or herself that are not real. From avatars to photos of others are used to create an image that is sellable to the public on the internet. Whatever the image that is being used, if it is not that of the actual author or person selling the product, raises a few questions. Why aren't you revealing your true self? Is there a reason for not identifying who you are? If your picture or image is not real, then is your name real?

Can the buyer get in contact with the creator, author, seller of the Pick 3 Lottery System or Pick 4 Lottery System? Once you purchase any Lottery System, if you have any problem or question with the newly purchased system, are you able to contact the real individual behind the system and reasonably expect a response? What happens if the person never responds? Or, if a response is forthcoming, does the person answer your questions?

The Pick 3 and Pick 4 players have an option to test just how responsive the author or seller of a particular Lottery System is by attempting to contact them prior to the purchase by emailing a question or two about the system either through the sales letter, if one is available, or through the contact page on the website. The response or lack of response might tell you something about the author and/or the system being sold.

Often times Pick 3 and Pick 4 Lottery players sign up to receive FREE NEWSLETTERS about the particular system they are interested in purchasing. Newsletters also offer some telltale signs about the author and the product.

What about the content of the newsletter? Is there more content than sales pitch links to buy the system. If the content of the newsletter is constantly being interrupted by links to purchase the product, then the question is why isn't there more content than sales links? Why aren't there more examples of the system at work? Are there testimonials or feedbacks from those who have purchased the system and are successfully using their system? If not, why not?

If the author of the Lottery System includes videos, pictures, or testimonials in the sales letter or newsletter, are they from different people from different places, or is it always the same person? Do the videos or pictures represent true winners or are they all blacked out to hide everything except the amount of money won? Do the pictures represent the product that is being sold or are they a generalization of all lotteries?

In their newsletter, or on their website, is there ongoing evidence with current updated winning tickets or player's copy of payout slips indicating that their Lottery System is continuing to create winners in the Pick 3 Lottery or Pick 4 Lottery.

By asking questions ahead of time about a Pick 3 Lottery System or Pick 4 Lottery System and/or paying attention to what is present in newsletters or on the website can help lottery players make a smart choice when purchasing any Pick 3 or Pick 4 Lottery System.

Copyright © Robert Walsh Enterprises 2011

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Thursday, March 3, 2011

Pick 3 Lottery - Pick 4 Lottery - Is Investing Gambling Or Is Gambling Investing?

'Success Strategies' Newsletter....March 3, 2011....

This week during some web surfing I came
across an interesting lottery article that is
a part of a nine part series that raises the
question: "Is Investing Gambling Or Is
Gambling Investing?"

To me this is a great question, especially
after the 2009 Wall Street Collapse.
What we learn from that experience is
some of the "behind the closed doors
activity" of Banks and Investment Firms.

How and what do the Wall Street wheeler
dealers do with the average American
workers' invested money?
We learned the tactics they used to
increase their personal income.
While very same money Mr. and Mrs.
Main Street American have invested
to pay for their childrens college
education and plan for their retirement,
may lose some or all their money.

On the other side of the question is
"gambling". Which is often times a
dirty word based on negative religious
and sociological concepts. Often times
depicted by images of shady low life
individuals who addictively bring their
family and finances to ruins. Many
preachers rail against gambling as
evil and the devil's playground while
others remind the faithful to show up
for Friday night Bingo.

Most States use a purposeful cause,
such education or programs for the elderly,
to legitimize their lottery games.

Those well dressed men who do the trading
and run the companies that the Stock Market
claim we should invest in, in order to make
money for one's future are more acceptable
and trustworthy looking the portrayed image
of the out-of-control gambler.

What is the difference if a family's life savings
is wiped out because they took the advice of a
stock broker that told them to invest heavily
in Enron because it is a "hot" stock or spending
too much time at the casino or at the racetrack.

The creators of the website and blog
defined gambling as 'having a reasonable
expectation of winning' which eliminated
the State Lotteries, Powerball, and
Mega Millions with their astronomical
odds of winning.

This is something my Pick 3 System and
Pick 4 System have said all
can't expect to win against those odds.

But blog site creators believe that with the
smaller games, such as the Pick 3 (and
Pick 4 games) given the right circumstances,
the player could win perhaps a continuous
10 to 20 percent return on his/her investment.

I believe in my Pick 3 System and
Pick 4 System that I encourage players
to correctly learn to use the Systems before
investing any of their own money along with a
Money Management and Investment Strategy.
This not only creates the right circumstances
but also teaches one to play responsibly.

One of the primary GOALS of my
Pick 3 System and Pick 4 System is to WIN
in order for you, the player, to
PLAY FOR FREE. By using your FREE
MONEY you create a path to Making Money
without using any of your own hard earned

Following my Investment and Money
Management Strategies which suggests
low investments for high returns on found
GIVEAWAY NUMBERS will keep your
hard earned money in your pocket while
at the same time ADD FREE MONEY

Check out the Pick 3 website, at,
and read how one player PLAYED FOR FREE
and MADE $1000 FREE MONEY with an
Investment plan of $80 for 4 draws.

In the Illinois Pick 4, by applying my Pick 4
Strategies to six of the previous winning
Pick 4 Numbers produced 7 Straight
versions of 0458. The Investment Plan
of $35 per draw using these seven versions
with $2 Straight Tickets on each one of the seven
numbers for $14 and $21 of Box Tickets
for four draws created a investment plan
of $140 with projected pay out of $14,200.
When it comes in, that is over a 10,000%
return on your investment.

5084 was drawn on 3.2.2011 Midday.
Those who invested on this number PLAYED
FOR FREE, and have a lot of FREE MONEY
to PLAY WITH in the future.

Following the Money Management and the
Investment Strategies of my Pick 4 System using the Mini Tracking Sheet and
applying the most recent Strategy to the
previous winning numbers the player
discovered the following group of numbers,
5185, 5518 (2x), and 5581 (2x) and created

Using $50 FREE MONEY per draw for
4 draws for $200 of the $14,000 just WON,
you played $5 Straight on 5185 and
$10 Straight on each of the 5518 and 5581,
and $25 worth of BOX Tickets on 1855.

The IL Pick 4 Winning Evening Number is
5581. This results in a RETURN OF $50,000
on your STRAIGHT Tickets and $10,000
on your BOX Tickets.

You just PLAYED FOR FREE and made
another $60,000 in FREE MONEY!!!

What kind of Investments are you making???
Who is controlling your Investments???

Copyright © Robert Walsh Enterprises 2011