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Monday, March 28, 2011

Pick 4 Lottery System Scores Triple Win in Magnum 4D Lottery In Malaysia

Robert Walsh Enterprises is proud to announce a Triple Win with their Pick 4 Lottery System in the Malaysia Magnum 4D Lottery. One Malaysian player who purchased “Play & Win Daily Pick 4 With Big Cash Winning Numbers” scored an unprecedented triple tier win, having winning tickets on the First Prize Drawn number, the Second Prize Drawn number, and the Third Prize Drawn Number in the March 5, 2011 drawing.

Unlike the U.S. Pick 4 Lotteries, the Magnum 4D Lottery draws 23 numbers per drawing. They offer 10 Consolation Numbers, 10 Special Numbers, and one Third Prize Number, one Second Prize Number, and one First Prize Number, which is the last number to be drawn.

The Magnum 4D Lottery, which holds 3 drawings per week, unlike the U.S. and Canadian Pick 4 Lotteries, does not offer “Box” Tickets on any number. The player must have the EXACT ORDER for the winning drawn number or play a “Combination” Ticket for all possible Exact Orders of any 4D number’s permutations.

For a set of one Pick 4 “Single” Number” with all four digits requires to cover (twenty four) 24 different orders. Pick 4 “Double” numbers require coverage for twelve (12) different orders. Two-pair 4D numbers or “Double-Double” Pick 4 Number require the player to cover six (6) different exact orders. Pick 4 or 4D Triples require the player to cover just four (4) exact orders.

The Magnum 4D Drawing # 713/11 on March 5, 2011 drew the following top Tier first three 4D Prize Winning Numbers: Third Prize: 8471, Second Prize: 8127, and First Prize: 4175.

Robert Walsh’s Enterprises’ website,, offers the photo of the winning tickets provided by the player himself as testimonial to the success that their Pick 4 Lottery System is having with 4D style lotteries, such as the Malaysian Magnum 4D Lottery, when applied correctly.

There are actually five winning Tickets – all combination tickets – one winning ticket on the First Prize number, and two winning tickets on each of the Second and Third Prize numbers.

What makes these winnings an even more incredible accomplishment is that this Pick 4 Lottery System is written in English for the American and Canadian style Pick 4 Lotteries, not the Malaysian 4D style lottery with its 23 drawn numbers. This player has English as a second language, and yet has been able to understand the Strategies and the System and apply them correctly to the Magnum 4D Lottery to be a BIG WINNER!

Pick 4 players worldwide with a strong commitment and determination to learn this Pick 4 System, available at, are becoming winners and cashing winning tickets in their country’s Pick 4 Lottery Games.

This attests to the claim of Robert Walsh Enterprises that “Play & Win Daily Pick 4 With Big Cash Winning Numbers” when correctly used is successful in every Pick 4 Lottery worldwide.

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