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Sunday, October 30, 2011

Winning the Pick 4 Lottery - Part 2

The lessons learned in Part 1 continue in Part 2 by using the calendar strategy found in the multi-strategy system and applying it to the same winning Pick 4 number that has been drawn multiple times in the exact order in the Virginia Pick 4 Lottery. This calendar strategy, as all of the strategies, found in the multi-strategy system may be applied to all other State Pick 4 Lotteries as well.

In Part 1 I began telling the news story of a North Carolina lottery player who keeps winning different lotteries in Virginia. In his latest win on October 13,, 2011 he won $65,800 in the Pick 4 midday drawing playing the 5117. This seems to be his lucky Pick 4 number since he won on this same Pick 4 number twice in 2010. This North Carolina gentleman explains his latest success and all previous wins on his being lucky all his life.

Most Pick 4 lottery players can’t claim the same kind of luck story, and therefore the not so lucky players need to work at winning the Pick 4 lottery. Most expert players suggest that if a player wants to be serious about winning these lotteries, he or she needs to use a system. A comprehensive multi-strategy Pick 4 System is the best choice. As highlighted in Part 1 the player using the calendar strategy was able to research the dates that 5117 had been drawn along with a couple of family members of this number, 1715 and 1175. As a result the Virginia Pick 4 player found a way to cash in on the 5117 when it was drawn again on May 22, 2010 in the midday drawing.

Part 2 begins by employing the same successful recommendations that Pick 4 expert players give to all other Pick 4 lottery players namely keeping notes. In Part 1 success came from the fact that the player kept a calendar record of all the drawn winning Pick 4 numbers. From those calendar notations the player was able to confirm each date that 5117 was drawn along with the other two versions – 1715 and 1175.

Working like a detective, the Virginia Pick 4 player gathered all the information and clues and came up with some dates in May 2010 to play the 5117, and won on May 22, 2010.

Returning to those same notes to use the same information that already lead to one success, the player is ready to apply that information to the next time 5117 is drawn. The notes included that the pattern for the 5117 involved that this winning Pick 4 number (1) would be redrawn in the following month, (2) on the same day of the week, and (3) on or around the same date that it or another box form of the 5117 was drawn.

Part 1 began its investigation with the facts that the 5117 was drawn on April 12 and May 10, 2009, both were Sundays. The new Information from Part 1 playing from one month to the next month also meant that the neighboring months could extend into the following year. Which is why that the first drawing cited was in April 2009 allowed the Pick 4 player-detective to investigate the possibility of the 5117 being drawn again in May 2010 using the calendar strategy from the multi-strategy Pick 4 system. It was a good decision he or she made, because he or she walked away a winner.

A Pick 4 lottery player, like a good detective, should never overlook any piece of information when searching for clues that will produce another winning Pick 4 number. In Part 1 the focus was on the numerical dates of the month and the days of the week.

Since numbers and math fit together like a hand with a glove, is there a possibility that there are additional clues available to a keen eye Pick 4 player that hasn’t been mentioned yet? Let’s look at the months, April 2009 represented by the number 4 and May 2009 and 2010 each represented by the number 5. Mathematically speaking, 4 plus 5 equal 9, and 5 plus 5 equal 10.

The ninth month of the year is September and the tenth month of the year is October. Being neighboring months, just like April and May, could September and October become the next set of months that the 5117 could be drawn?
Going back to information in the notes the Pick 4 player sees that the three previous dates that 5117 was drawn were April 12, 2009 May 10, 2009 and May 22, 2010. This creates a date range from the 10th to the 22nd, a period of 13 days or 26 drawings.

If the 5117 would be drawn next in September 2010, it would be the first month, and there is no day-to-day information to match up as it was in the April 2009 to May 2009 Sunday to Sunday connection.

Going back to the calendar here’s what the Pick 4 has learned: 5117 was drawn on Wednesday, January 26, 1994, Saturday, May 22, 2010, and Sundays April 12 and May 10, 2010. This provides the player with a day range, Wednesday to Sunday.

Looking ahead to September 2010, combining the date range and the day range, the following September dates qualify as days to play the 5117: September 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, and 22. Using all the elements of the calendar strategy the player now has just six days to play to see if the calendar strategy is going to produce another winner with the 5117.

When September 2010 finally arrives, the Virginia Pick 4 player puts his plan into play. On Thursday, September 16, 2010 in the evening drawing the Virginia Pick 4 Lottery draws the 5117 as the winning Pick 4 number. This is the third win in the last three times the 5117 has been drawn for the Virginia player-detective. The calendar strategy from this multi-strategy system is gaining credibility when it comes to winning the Pick 4 lottery.

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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Winning the Pick 4 Lottery - Part 1

Winning the Pick 4 lottery takes more than luck. Some players can claim to be lucky because they are. Like the North Carolina man who keeps winning different lotteries in Virginia. On October 13th he received his sixth major Virginia Lottery prize when he claimed $65,800 in the Pick 4 midday drawing playing the 5117 as his lucky Pick 4 number.

He purchased 15 tickets playing the winning Pick 4 number 5117 in the exact order eleven times which rewarded him with $55,000. The four remaining winning tickets were straight/box tickets each returning $2,700. His $15.00 investment gave him a ROI, return on investment, of an astronomical 438,600%. When this North Carolina gentleman was asked about his huge win, he calmly replied, ‘I’m just lucky, I’ve always been lucky.’

Most Pick 4 lottery players unfortunately cannot claim the same kind of luck. The not so lucky players need to work at winning the Pick 4 lottery. Most lottery experts agree that if a player wants to be serious about winning these lotteries, he or she needs to use a system.

Players need to find a multi-strategy system that helps them to learn how to win the Pick 4 lottery. One of the first strategies found in a multi-strategy system is to take notes. One important note taking strategy is keeping a calendar of all the drawn Pick 4 numbers for a particular State Lottery.

Numbers like order. In studying Pick 4 numbers the player finds out that sometimes a particular number is redrawn on the exact same date, same day of the week, same particular week of a month, or same month, same date or a combination of these named possibilities.

By using and analyzing the calendar strategy the player who is not born with luck can benefit from such analysis and connect the dots to create a winning Pick 4 number such as the 5117 by seeing and understanding the pattern from the previous drawings.

Looking back on the calendar, the 5117 was drawn on Sunday, April 12, 2009 and May 10, 2009. Now the Pick 4 player begins to analyze this data to narrow down the dates and times to play the 5117. The player asks himself or herself what are the connecting points?

The 2009 drawings, April 12 and May 10, provide some interesting clues. They are both Sundays. April and May are neighboring months. Like a good detective, the player pieces together the clues to come up with a time frame when it is best to play the Pick 4 lottery number 5117. Instead of playing the 5117 all 365 days in 2010 in hopes of catching a winner, the player can narrow his or her choices down to a few days applying the analyzed data.

In 2009 the first time the 5117 was drawn was on Sunday, April 12. The data indicates the pattern to show it is redrawn on the same day of the week in the following month. In applying the pattern data to the April 2009 drawing date, the player sets up to play the 5117 on the Sundays in May 2010. The Sundays are May 2, 9, 16, 23 and 30.

Sometimes in life things arrive early and sometimes they are late. The player, in order to protect his or her investment, can incorporate this possibility in his investment plan. The plan is to play 5117 on the Saturday-Sunday-Monday dates in May 2010. The dates in 2010 are May 1-2-3, 8-9-10, 15-16-17, 22-23-24, 29-30-31.

The plan includes these fifteen dates in May 2010. Since the plan expects the 5117 to be drawn in the exact order, the investment focuses on playing more straight tickets than box tickets.

Going back to the calendar for more clues on the 5117, a Virginia Pick 4 player discovers two box forms were winning Pick 4 numbers -- 1715 won on November 22, 1997, which was a Saturday, and 1175 won on January 15, 1999. Both the 15th and 22nd are Saturday dates in May 2010. This new evidence offers some very interesting additional information that gives the player two new options for his or her investment.

The first option is to keep the plan as already outlined, but make an additional investment on these two dates, May 15th and 22nd. The second option centers on the fact that both those dates in May 2010 are Saturdays. Now the player can choose to focus on just Sundays and Saturdays with an increased level of play on the 15th and 22nd of the month. By eliminating Mondays from the play list the player reduces the days of play from fifteen days down to ten days. But the player might think about increasing his or her investment on the Saturdays, May 15th and 22nd.

On Saturday, May 22, 2010, the Virginia Pick 4 Lottery drew the 5117 as the winning Pick 4 number in the midday drawing. This is how the calendar strategy in the multi-strategy system can help the player born without luck overcome his or her luckless handicap and play smart to win the Pick 4 lottery.

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Monday, October 17, 2011

Lottery Strategies Using Second Chance Drawings

More and more State Lotteries are providing players with more opportunities to win with their losing tickets from the Pick 3, Pick 4, Pick 5 and Pick 6 lottery to scratch off tickets. The whole purpose of these lottery strategies is to keep players involved in purchasing lottery tickets.

It seems less painful to players who have lost playing the Pick 3, Pick 4, Pick 5, Pick 6 and scratch off ticket games to know that they can take all their losing tickets and send them to their State Lottery Office for a second chance to win up to and including $1 Million dollars.

Lottery players are more than happy to sign the back of all their losing tickets with the accompanying necessary information and send them to their State Lottery Office. These losing lottery tickets give them hope that luck will be on their side the second time around thanks to these State Lottery Strategies.

This time the prizes are sometimes even greater than the actual lottery prize players initially had hoped to win. Lottery players’ piles of losing tickets from the Pick 3, Pick 4, Pick 5, Pick 6 to scratch off tickets can now bring home some fantastic prizes of $1 Million Dollars, a new car, truck, or SUV filled with cash, a fabulous exotic vacation, or even 100 to 1,000 free scratch off tickets with the potential of winning more money all the way down to $500 to $1,000 at the low end of the prize list.

This makes winning the lottery even easier because the odds are going to be a lot lower than the actual odds of over 125 million to one to win the lottery itself.
All States run these second chance promotions including the Florida Play 4, New York Win 4, New Jersey Pick 4, Texas Daily 4, Pennsylvania Big 4, North and South Carolina Pick 4, Michigan Daily 4, Connecticut Play 4 and Oregon Pick 4.

These second chance lottery drawings also offer hope to players holding losing tickets of the Ohio Pick 3, Wisconsin Daily Pick 3 and Tennessee Cash 3 providing the players take the time to fill out the back of their losing tickets and mail them to their State Lottery office.

Lottery scratch off ticket players who play in the District of Columbia, Washington State, Virginia and West Virginia, Georgia and Rhode Island Lotteries complete their losing tickets and put their hope in a chance to win one of the top prizes their States’ Lottery offers as part of their lottery strategies.

Players who were going to wall paper their bathrooms with losing tickets, need to pay attention to these State Lottery strategies of second chance drawing promotions that can be offered at any time of the year, and thus put one’s losing ticket to better use even if it means a delay in the completion of the home improvement project.

This is just one more way that State Lotteries across the country continue to bring in record profits year after year even during these hard economic times.

Any Pick 3 or Pick 4 player with his or her losing tickets may be able to write the book about how to win the lottery by simply having their name drawn for the $1 Million Grand Prize in one of these States’ Lottery Second Chance Drawings. A Lottery Win of a Million Dollars is a Lottery Win of a Million Dollars whether it is on the first chance or the second chance.

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Thursday, October 6, 2011

Traveling Pick 4 Lottery Numbers

'Success Strategies' Newsletter....October 6, 2011....

I always believe in passing on Good News.
These days all there seems to be is BAD NEWS.
Everyone seems to be hunkered down in their
own little world just trying to survive on so many

In the last couple of weeks the two young Americans,
Shane Bauer and Josh Fattal, who were held for more
than 2 years in Iran and jailed for spying when they
crossed into Iranian territory while hiking along the
border were finally release on September 21, 2011.
Someone anonymously paid $1 Million dollars for their

This week American Amanda Knox, who was convicted
of killing her college roommate by an Italian court has
spent the last 4 years in an Italian jail while lawyers were
appealing her conviction. Her conviction was overturned
this week and she has returned to her home in Seattle.
Her family has spent more than $2 million dollars in
court costs to overturn her conviction.

The Good News is that they are ALL SAFELY HOME with
their families. Everybody comes from a family, our
children are special, and as parents we do everything to
protect them at tremendous costs.

So, what if you had $1 Million dollars to invest.
Let's say you put it in a Bank which is currently paying .6%
interest for one year.

At the end of the year you go to that Bank and withdraw
your interest. The Bank is going to give you cash or a
check for $6,000 for the last 12 months for your $1 Million
Dollar Investment. That means you made $500 a month.

In the last newsletter I highlighted the "Secret" that Pick 4
Double-Doubles and Triples attract each other
. They are
the highest paying Pick 4 lottery numbers for a BOX PLAY WIN.

My Pick 4 Lottery System is all about giving you chances
to WIN the Pick 4 Lottery.

Consider this, a single fifty-cent BOX WIN on one
Pick 4 Double-Double Number pays $400.
The same BOX WIN on a Pick 4 Triple Number pays $600.

Just one BOX WIN a month puts you on par with the person
who put the $1 Million Dollars in the Bank making $500 for
the whole month.

In the last Newsletter I listed 82 opportunities from
around the country to catch a Pick 4 Box Win for
either $400 or $600 for a mere 50 cents investment.

Did you even think that you, like the young
Americans, would be free to have a second chance
to WIN with those Pick 4 Numbers that I listed
in the previous Newsletter?

If you have followed my Newsletters over the past
year, you know that one of my favorite themes is

Did you look at those 82 numbers and
"think TRAVELING NUMBERS"? Maybe, just maybe,
some of these numbers may take off and travel to your
State's Pick 4 Lottery. AND THEY DID!

The "Good News" is that the TRAVELING NUMBERS
have landed, and I hope you were there to greet
them! Below is the list of those numbers that have
traveled to the following Pick 4 Lotteries....

9.23.EVE....1444 From DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA 9.22. EVE....4144

9.28.EVE....4554 From GEORGIA 9.19 & FLORIDA 9.8. MD ....4545
& MICHIGAN 8.18.EVE....5454 & 8.23. MD....4545

9.29.EVE....6969 From WISCONSIN 8.9.EVE....6996

9.25.EVE....1555 From INDIANA 8.23.EVE....5155

9.22.EVE....4144 From FLORIDA 9.4.MD....4144
9.23.EVE....1011 From MASSACHUSETTS 9.20.EVE....1011
9.27.MD.....3888 From MISSOURI 9.20.MD....8883
9.27.EVE....4545 From GEORGIA 9.19 & FLORIDA 9.8. MD ....4545
& MICHIGAN 8.18.EVE....5454 & 8.23. MD....4545
9.30.MD.....5222 From ARKANSAS 8.22...2522 &

9.28.EVE....5551 From INDIANA 8.23.EVE....5155
& CONNECTICUT 9.25.EVE....1555

9.30.EVE....4499 From GEORGIA 8.23. MD....9494

9.27.MD....1001 From MAINE, NH, & VT PICK 4 9.19.EVE....0110

9.20.MD....7577 From GEORGIA 8.26.EVE....7775

9.27.MD....2000 From TEXAS 8.29.EVE....2000 &
VIRGINIA 8.25. MD....0002

9.28.EVE....6767 From MAINE, NH, & VT 8.9....7676

9.21.EVE....8111 From GEORGIA 8.30. MD....1118

9.27.EVE....3373 From RHODE ISLAND 9.10.EVE....3337
9.28.EVE....8228 From INDIANA 8.12.EVE....2828

9.28.MD....2882 From INDIANA 8.12.EVE....2828

9.27. MD....5455 From MASSACHUSETTS 8.8. MD....5455

9.30.EVE....8898 From TEXAS 8.81.EVE....9888

9.27.EVE....0808 From WISCONSIN 8.4.EVE....8080

Simply by taking advantage of the tips you find in my
newsletter and applying the strategies in
my Pick 4 System you might reach millionaire status by
making just $500 a month cashing in on Pick 4 lottery numbers
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Remember, those of you who have already purchased
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Good Luck, and there is still plenty of time to have a Prosperous 2011.

Robert Walsh