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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Easy Straight Pick 4 Lottery Winnings

Dear Pick 4 Players,

Recently, I gave you a clear example of how difficult it is to make or find money on "Main Street" with the American Express offer of 1.85% annual return on your savings. By the way, that is one of the highest paying percentages in the marketplace. Money is very tight and Banks are not lending to average Americans.

The Stimulus Plan is yet to arrive on Main Street. There are some indicators that Wall Street and Banks have created new "fine print" with more ways to take your money from you that keep you from making more money.

HERE'S A QUICK & EASY WIN from the Ohio Pick 4....


Date - Winning Number - Notes

10.17MD....4390-c Became a "connector" when 1549 was drawn
10.17EVE....1360-c Became "c" with 1549
10.18MD....5705-Watch for #12
10.18EVE....1549-c Str. #16/2 & 3 draws = 5491/1459 [Clue 2x (xx49)]
10.19MD....4289 Str.#16/4 draws = 4289/STR WIN ($5,200)

You don't need much information. And a "trend" can develop quickly, and in just a couple of draws you have enough information for a STRAIGHT WIN!!!

One Draw (1549) establishes the following.......

1. Strategy to Play
2. Gives you three connectors to apply the Strategy to
3. Gives you a draw range
4. Provides clues to focus your play on Pick 4 numbers (xx49)
Reduces your pool of playable numbers

From your notes after the 1549 was's your information....

1.You have three "connectors" to play off of >> 4390, 1360,1549
2.You have a Strategy to apply to the Connectors >> Strategy #16
3.You look to play the numbers for at least 3 draws
4.You apply Strategy #16 to the connectors.
5.You use the "clue" to focus on numbers with (xx49)
6.Set up minimum investment...$1 Str./ $1 Box
7.Increase your investment with any Pick 4 number with "49"

You can practice the rest... set up your numbers in your number pool based on the above information.

You find among your playable Pick 4 Numbers.....4289. It fulfills the requirements .....

1.Developed from a connector using the same Strategy #16
2.Has "4 and 9" as two of the four digits from the clue

There was very little Trend or Strategy information the days prior to this example. The Ohio Pick 4 Lottery was "flat". This is a part of number trends. You didn't have any numbers on the list to play until 1549 was drawn. Then you got the three connectors to play. Next you put my Pick 4 System into action. You utilize all the information gathered from your mini-tracking sheet to develop your number pool.

So it doesn't matter if you didn't play and have the Box Win on the 1549. What is important is that your developed a "Keen Eye" which enabled you to "see" the information and "connect the dots" AHEAD OF TIME in order to play the 4289 and WIN!

So as you can see the numbers on your mini tracking sheet give you all the information you need to WIN!

If you learn the strategies and number trends, and are able to go back and find the connectors after the fact....just reverse your process and go forward >> with the same information ahead of time to find the next Winning Pick 4 Numbers!!!

It is clear that 4289 is in your number pool. You make over $5000 FREE MONEY from your $2 INVESTMENT on the 4289!

In increments of $2....$1 Straight and $1 Box.....your investment for a mere $20 you would outperform WALL STREET and your LOCAL BANK by light years with a one day profit of $50,000 FREE MONEY!

Open you own self-controlled Money-Making Account today by purchasing "Play & Win Daily Pick 4 Big Cash Winning Numbers" TODAY!

Good Luck!

Robert Walsh

Copyright © Robert Walsh Enterprises 2009

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