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Thursday, December 16, 2010

Are Pick 4 Lottery Numbers Related?

When you look at a long list of drawn winning Pick 4 numbers, did you ever ask yourself if these numbers were related or somehow connected to each other? My curious mind asked this question.

As I began to search for answers, I went to the world of mathematics to see what good math professors who have spent their whole lives working with numbers had to say.

Based on the study of statistics in regards to random drawings, which is what the lottery is, the whole mathematical community is in agreement that the Pick 4 numbers are not related. They were quick to point out that each and every drawing of every digit and every set of digits is separate and independent of each other. They go on to state that numbers have no memory to know what was previously drawn.

When pushed further by the questions that my curious mind was asking about the Pick 4 numbers as to the possibility of trends occurring within the drawn Pick 4 number, most stood pat with the same reason previously stated that there are NO TRENDS.

Since I do not like "NO" for an answer I pushed forward citing some examples and asking for an explanation of this, if possible. In the Ohio Pick 4 Lottery three drawn winning numbers in a row - 4751, 4742, and 9047 - all contained "47" in the same order,and two of them in the same position. This would mean the Pick 4 Lottery would become a Pick 2 Lottery if this was a trend.

In the Oregon Pick 4 Lottery, in the 7pm drawing, "08" was found in three consecutive drawings - 4038, 4108, 3080. Then, there was the Florida Play 4 with "65" for three draws in a row - 0563, 6458, 6752, and in the Connecticut Play 4 with "69" in 6961, 6952, and 9466.

I have another question. How does one explain repeating sets of the same Pick 4 numbers being drawn over a short period of time? In California's Daily 4 and Wisconsin's Daily Pick 4 winning drawn numbers, each only three draws apart, were 9928-8992 and 5820-0528, respectively. Repeating Pick 4 numbers appeared in the following State Lotteries: District of Columbia DC-4 in two draws 1145 and 1514, and again in Florida's Play 4 in back-to-back draws 1665 and 6561. What is the explanation for these occurrences?

One mathematician offered this response, sometimes in random drawings of numbers, there MAY OCCUR A MINI TREND of sorts over a long period of time. Staying true to his studies and his colleagues, he reluctantly offered this "may occur" explanation.

Through my observations I believe that winning Pick 4 numbers are connected to each other. Not to contradict the world of mathematics, I am left with one thin explanation of a possible mini trend occurring that I use to explain what I see happening with Pick 4 numbers and how they are related to each other.

I'll be happy to find repeating numbers or turn the Pick 4 Lottery into a Pick 2 Lottery or even a Pick 1 Lottery game with the examples in the Oregon Pick 4 and the Connecticut Play 4. To win the Pick 4 Lottery one can take advantage of the opportunity with the correct Pick 4 Strategy at the right time.

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