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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Pick 4 Lottery Winners Keep Coming....

'Success Strategies' Newsletter....April 26, 2011....

Pick 4 Lottery Players,

Have you been paying attention to
what's been going on this month in
your Pick 4 Lotteries?

Do you remember what my last three
newsletters have been about with the
Pick 4 Lotteries in the U.S. and Canada?

Well, the Winners Keep Coming!

My Pick 4 Lottery System and the tips I have
been giving you over the past month and half
keep bring home Winners!

The three things I have been pointing
out to you are (1) Repeating Numbers,
(2) Traveling Numbers, and (3) watching
for Pick 4 Triples and Double-Doubles.

When you combine Traveling Numbers and
Repeating Numbers particularly with
neighboring States or Canadian Provinces
you get some pretty nice WINS....

On 4.4 Eve in Canada's Ontario Pick 4 1980
was drawn. 6 draws later in the Quebec's
La Quotidienne 4 9081 was the winner.
Now this Repeating & Traveling Number set
up the BIG WINNER!

On 4.12.2011 the Ontario Pick 4 drew 1447.
Three draws later the Quebec La Quotidienne 4
drew 1447. Starting with one $1 Investment per
draw for a $5,000 payout for just $3, seizing
the opportunity and moving up the Ladder of
Success to $5 per draw or $10 per draw
returned a King's Ransom of $25,000 or
$50,000 thanks to the information given to
you right here and the trend provided by
these two neighboring lotteries.

The Illinois Pick 4 Lottery sent out signals
to their Pick 4 Players as well for a
REPEATING NUMBER set up. 4.18 MD 8417
was the drawn winning number >>> three
draws in the 4.19 EVE 4817 was drawn.

This opened the door to another BIG WIN!
On 4.22 EVE Illinois Pick 4 drew 6378.
Five (5) draws later on 4.25 MD it drew
6378 STRAIGHT again!!!

More Repeating, Traveling Pick 4 Numbers
to neighboring State Lotteries in April
involved the following States....

New York Win 4 drew 9992 on 4.3 MD &
Pennsylvania Big 4 drew it on 4.12 EVE.

With just less than 4 hours warning the
South Carolina Pick 4 sent a REPEATING
TRAVELING PICK 4 NUMBER to their neighbor
Georgia Cash 4 when 7760 was drawn in
the Evening drawings on April 18. 2011. A
number of previous winning Pick 4 numbers and
Pick 4 Strategies had already set up 7760 as a
playable number.

Three other Traveling Number traveled greater
distances than neighboring States....

Arkansas Cash 4 on 4.1 MD packaged and sent
9991 to Wisconsin Daily Pick 4 arriving on
4.19 EVE.

Illinois Pick 4 Evening draw on 4.20 sent the
2552 to the Virginia Pick 4 Evening draw on

District of Columbia DC-4 loaded the 3000 on
Air Force One right after it was drawn on
4.9 EVE and sent across country just in the
nick of time to be drawn in the Oregon Pick 4
- 7pm drawing the same evening.

Did you notice all the BIG WINNERS WERE

There were other BOX WINS. But these

April has certainly produced a number of
CA$H $HOWER$ around the U.S. and
Canada in their Pick 4 Lotteries.

Good Luck and have a Prosperous 2011,

Copyright © Robert Walsh Enterprises

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