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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Pick 4 Numbers - How To Turn A Box Win Into A Straight Win

'Success Strategies' Newsletter, September 6, 2011.....

Labor Day officially marked the end of Summer.
It has been another disappointing season of
Major League Baseball here in Chicago, both
the Cubs and the White Sox played at .500 level
or less. Cubs fans' perennial mantra "Wait until
next year" can be heard all over town.

The real winning teams still have a meaningful month
of Baseball to position themselves for the playoffs, and
make a run for the World Series Championship Title.

This reminded me of the difference of getting a BOX
WIN, and then discovering after the fact, with some
additional prior research, I could have had a

That's a difference of $3800 to $4800 EXTRA FREE
MONEY in your pocket for a couple of bucks....($2)
based on the type of Pick 4 number from a "single"
to a"triple". Yes, it's nice to win $200, but winning the
World Series for $5,000 is even BETTER!

Of course, the first way you begin to get to the playoffs
is to be sure you purchase my Pick 4 Lottery System with
its 20-plus proven winning Strategies.

Spending time to learn the Strategies and how to correctly
use the System is the first and most important step.

This process will help you begin to see how the Pick 4
numbers are connected. Now you will look at Pick 4
numbers in a whole different perspective than you ever
did before.

You come to understand just how one previous winning
number, by applying one Strategy to it, creates a new winning
Pick 4 number. Learning to use my Pick 4 System

Once you have learned the System correctly, you have my
Pick 4 System for a LIFETIME.
And, you can USE IT with ANY Pick 4 Lottery in the world.

Imagine this are on vacation in another State,
the hotel provides free use of computers for its guests, and
you get an inspiration to look at what this State's winning
Pick 4 numbers were over the last 2 weeks.

Armed with my Pick 4 System's Strategies and knowing how
to correctly use the System, after a short review of the past
two weeks, you find one Pick 4 number to play. So, on your
way out to dinner you stop at a local lottery retailer and
purchase one $1 Straight and $1 Box Ticket for the
evening drawing.

Returning from a very enjoyable and delicious dinner, you
return to your hotel room and flip on the local news. And
lo and behold, they show the results of the evening Pick 4
drawing, and those numbers are your numbers that you played
.....a Straight and Box Win!!!

Of course, the BOX TICKET just gave you some EXTRA
VACATION CASH for your immediate use, but the rest
of the news is even BETTER.....

Now your vacation has become even more relaxing


By using my Pick 4 System correctly, you know how
important it is to keep a calendar of numbers as well as
tracking the winning numbers with the "Mini Tracking Sheet",
which is one of the FREE Gifts you get when purchasing my

By keeping track of the winning Pick 4 numbers you are
able to "SEE Number Patterns through the Connection"
between these winning Pick 4 numbers.

Following is my Pick 4 Lottery Tip....

"Use the Mini Tracking Sheet daily" to record the
Winning Numbers and "Know and Apply the
Strategies Correctly".

Following is an example from the Illinois Pick 4 Lottery.

On August 22, 2011 in the midday drawing 7713 was
drawn as the winning Pick 4 number. The following day,
2 draws later, August 23, 2011 in the midday drawing
6713 was drawn.

By knowing and applying the Basic Strategy from my
Pick 4 System gave the player a STRAIGHT & BOX
. Value of the Winning Tickets is $5200.

On September 2, 2011 the Evening Draw produced 7749
as the winning Pick 4 number.

By correctly using the MINI TRACKING SHEET
going back over the previous winning numbers, you
re-discover the winning connection between the 7713
and 6713.

Following this previous example you apply the SAME
STRATEGY to the 7749. This produces 6749 as
a potential playable number.

But since you "KNOW" that the front pair of numbers
is set with the "67", your knowledge of the Strategies
suggests that you wisely add one more number to your
potential play list..... and that new number is 6794.

By purchasing my Pick 4 System, leaning the Strategies
and how to use the System correctly, and tracking the
winning Pick 4 numbers daily on your FREE Gift, the
MINI TRACKING SHEET, you have produced just
two numbers to play >>> 6749 & 6794.

You set a basic investment plan based on $4 per draw.
You can purchase tickets for 5 draws at a time for a
total cost of one $20 investment.

CONGRATULATIONS! five draws later on September 5, 2011
the midday winning Pick 4 number drawn is 6794!

Your $20 Investment just put $5,780.00 FREE MONEY in your
pocket, and YOU PLAYED FOR FREE!!!

Remember, after you purchase my Pick 4 System,
you may also want to sign up for my restricted
Pick 4 Premium VIP Newsletter.....available
ONLY to those who have purchased my Pick 4 System.

This 8-pages VIP Newsletter gives special insights
from me and my well developed "Keen Eye" of
almost 20 years of studying the Pick 4 Lotteries.

These insights will jet start your own "Keen Eye"
development to better understand what to look for
in connecting one winning Pick 4 number to the next
.....and, like the example above, make the
difference between catching a STRAIGHT WIN
compared to a BOX WIN

All for a monthly membership/subscription cost of $20.
Please contact me at for
further information.

Copyright © Robert Walsh

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