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Saturday, December 31, 2011

Pick 4 Lottery Numbers - Triples, Double-Doubles and Quadruples

'Success Strategies' Newsletter....December 31, 2011....

On this transition day of closing out
the old year and starting the New Year
I would like to remind you "to put Pick 4
Triples, Double-Doubles, and even Quads
on you mind"

When you look at the list of winning Pick 4
lottery numbers from your State's lottery
game, you should be thinking and asking of
each number >>> can this number easily
become a Pick 4 Triple, Double-Double,
or even a Quad Pick 4 Number?

Even if it is one of these types already.

Sure, most players get disappointed or even
angry when a Double-Double, Triple, and
especially Pick 4 Quad is drawn, and they
didn't play it and win on it!

One of the main reasons this happens
is because players weren't thinking
about these types of numbers and
didn't have them on their mind.

Here's a prime example of this from
the New Jersey Pick 4 Lottery....this

On 12.23. 2011 in the Midday drawing
in the New Jersey Pick 4 lottery the
4445 was drawn.

You're's two days before Christmas
.....maybe you still need to finish your
Holiday're trying to finalize
your Christmas Day plans, etc.....there
is a lot on your mind, "BUT NOT .....WHAT

But if your were thinking "Pick 4 Numbers",
then you might have come up with the very
obvious answers >>> 4455 & 4444.

And, along with the associated thought
"wouldn't it be nice to win on one of
these numbers and get the money to pay
off all your Holiday shopping bills!

Okay, you didn't see it before Christmas,
but what about the days after Christmas
when the shopping expenses really began
to settle in and the possible solution to
pay off your shopping tab is right there
in front of you? >>> this Pick 4 Triple 4445!

Convert it into some real serious CASH!

On 12.29.2011 the New Jersey Pick 4
lottery drew the Pick 4 QUAD 4444.

It paid $650.50 for $.50....$1301.00 for $1
and $2602.00 for $2 or more with each
increased level of investment.

Here are some other examples >>>

District of Columbia DC-4

12.23.MD....0043 >>> [0044, 0033]

It even offered a second chance reminder.

12.25.MD....0442 >>> [0440, 2442]

$1 STRAIGHT Paid $5,000.00
& $1 BOX Paid $800.00

North Carolina Pick 4

12.20.EVE....5552 >>> [5550, 5551, 5553,
5554, 5556, 5558]

Florida Play 4
12.24.MD....3833 >>> [3733, 3933, 3033,
3233, 3433, 3633]

These are just some examples of how you
can learn to win the Pick 4 applying
the strategies in my Pick 4 System,
which is offered at $10 OFF until
tomorrow, January 1, 2012,
11:59pm Pacific Standard Time.

Have a Happy, Healthy and Prosperous New Year!

Robert Walsh

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