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Friday, April 20, 2012

Pick 4 System - The Story Of Two Pick 4 Lottery Players

Every Pick 4 Player has ONLY ONE GOAL,

Over the years Pick 4 players have spent
a lot of time and money searching for a
Pick 4 System that really does teach
LOTTERY and produce real results.

How many Pick 4 systems have you
purchased over the years?

How many have produced winners
for you?

If you have been playing the Pick 4
Lottery for years, you, like many
other players, have come to form a
number of personal "beliefs"
about how to play and win the
Pick 4 lottery.

These set of beliefs of yours about
the Pick 4 Lottery define your opinion
of any new Pick 4 System you order.

This is a very human experience/response
that occurs when you order any new
system that comes out in the marketplace,
especially if you are still looking for a
system that really works.

The downside to this pre-defined opinion is
that it creates a "rush-to-judgement decision"
that occurs immediately after a quick read
through any newly ordered Pick 4 system.

In a matter of hours, without any testing or
experimenting, or even learning of the system
or strategies, YOUR DECISION IS FINAL!

You are going to return the system for a full
refund....because it doesn't fit your pre-set
expectations of what a winning Pick 4 System
looks like!

How many times have you actually done this?

I received two emails in the last two days....
one from a player who did exactly this very
same thing.

He had the System for less than 6 hours
from the time he ordered it to the time
he requested a refund. He wrote >>>

'I dont seem to grab any information
or method / strategy on how to really
win pick 4 (lottery).'

I sent him back the information on
how he could get his refund.

Now I want you to compare that email
with this second email I received. This
second email comes from a Pick 4
player who wanted to make some extra
by playing the Pick 4 lottery.

The player purchased my Pick 4 System,
studied the Strategies and learned
how to use my Strategies and my
Pick 4 System correctly.

This player never once gave up on
studying, practicing and learning
exactly how my Strategies and my
System worked.

The player has also signed up for
my Pick 4 Premium VIP Newsletter.

Here's what the player emailed me>>>

'Hello Mr. Walsh,

I haven't spoken to you for a while.

I just wanted to give you an update.

I am happy to have both your VIP
newsletters now.

The last two months have been really
good with your P- 4 System.

In February I won $1500.

In March I won another $4100.

My biggest wins in March were a $4-Box
Win on the 4466 ($3200) and a $2-Box Win
on 6689 ($800). One of the newsletters
about P- 4 doubles helped me win the 4466.'

Question: Why didn't this player send back
my Pick 4 System after the first read?

What did this player see that the other
player didn't see?

What did this player have that the other
didn't have?

These are some impressive Pick 4 winning
dollar amounts per month!

But that's not the end of the email.

It continues >>>

'I have been studying the book and the
strategies, I have been waiting for a long
time for a particular P-4 number to come
out. I think I am developing a keen eye.

On April 9th 3242 was drawn, and on
April 11th 2773 was drawn. Just looking
at these two numbers and knowing the
strategies, I knew my number was
coming soon.

In the evening draw on April 12th the
number I had been waiting on >>>
2232 hit straight!!!

I finally had a big hit for the first time
in my life. I won $16,000.

After giving thanks for this financial
blessing, paying some bills, and
celebrating an evening out with
my family, I still have box tickets
I haven't cashed out yet. Saving
them like an ATM.

Thank you so much for your system
of doing it right and doing it big.


So, in this story of two Pick 4



For more information on my
Pick 4 Premium VIP Newsletter
contact me at

Copyright © Robert Walsh

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