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Friday, June 22, 2012

Find Winning Tennessee Cash 4 Lottery Numbers With Pick 4 Strategies

Like a football quarterback, Play and Win Daily Pick 4 With Big Cash Winning Numbers - Robert Walsh’s proven Pick 4 Strategy based System, is armed with multiple strategies or plays to use in order to win the game, the Pick 4 Lottery.

Football quarterbacks usually wear a wristband with all the numerous play calls that he can use to help him win the game. Robert Walsh’s Pick 4 System is no different. It provides Pick 4 players with 20-plus strategies or plays that can be used to WIN THE PICK 4 LOTTERY such as the Tennessee Cash 4 Lottery.

These 20-plus proven Strategies explain to the player how the winning Pick 4 numbers are “connected” to each other. Correctly seeing and understanding these connections or strategies the player can find a Pick 4 Number to play.

When previous winning Pick 4 numbers are combined with one of the twenty plus strategies, and produce the same set of four digits – in any order – multiple times, this newly created number is called a PICK 4 GIVEAWAY NUMBER.

Recently the Tennessee Cash 4 Lottery created a PICK 4 GIVEAWAY NUMBER to play.

By creating a PICK 4 GIVEAWAY NUMBER the player armed with this Pick 4 System improves his or her chances of winning by lowering the odds against him or her. Instead of starting out at 1/10,000 depending on the type of Pick 4 number created the odds are lowered to either 1/2,500, 1/1,666, 1/833 or 1/417.

In the case of the Tennessee Cash 4 Lottery the PICK 4 GIVEAWAY NUMBER is 1047. Playing these four digits in a BOX PLAY gives the player 24 different ways to WIN with the odds being – 1/417. This is much better than a 1/10,000 chance to win.

Four previous Tennessee Cash 4 winning numbers, namely 2165, 1048, 3047 and 2501, after applying one of the Pick 4 Strategies to each number, created one of the 24 straight orders of the 1047. With a planned BOX PLAY, any drawn order of 1047 is a GUARANTEE WIN for the players.

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