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Saturday, November 17, 2012

Winning Pick 3 and Pick 4 Lottery System

Can you believe that Thanksgiving is
just a few days away?

As we see horrific pictures of the
devastation that Hurricane Sandy
inflicted on the folks up and down
the east coast, you and I have a lot
to be thankful for.

Please keep them in your thoughts
and prayers as they go about rebuilding
their lives.

"$800" seems to be a the magic number
this week.

I received two emails this week.

Each emailer was proudly celebrating
and sharing with me the fact that they
just won using my Systems.

The most recent emailer, Patrick P., who
purchased my Pick 4 Lottery System
emailed me last night that he had just 
won with two $.50 box tickets playing 
9292 in the in the Illinois Pick 4 Lottery.

Patrick P's Winning Tickets

Not only was he excited by the fact he
made big bucks on his $1.00 investment,
but he was going to be able to celebrate
a nice Thanksgiving Dinner with his family.

He was equally excited that the money
came in time for him to start his
Christmas Shopping on Black Friday.

Patrick hopes to catch some great deals
now that he has that kind of money in his
pocket thanks to my Pick 4 System.

Pick 4 and 4D Players from around the
world from Illinois to Israel and Malaysia
to Missouri are learning how to win their
Pick 4 Lotteries.

players, like Patrick, the opportunity
to find Giveaway Numbers and play
them for big returns in a single day
for one dollar.

A number of Pick 4 players are
taking advantage of my Pick 4
Premium VIP Newsletter to jump
start their knowledge of how to find
the big money numbers, such as  
9292, and have a great PAY DAY 
for themselves just in time for the  
Holiday Shopping Season.

For more information on my
Pick 4 Premium VIP Newsletter
contact me at

The day before, on November 14,
I received an email from S.A. who 
purchased my Pick 3 Lottery System.

S.A. plays the Georgia Cash 3 Lottery.

With three Wins in two days
November 12 and November 13, 
he won about the same money
as Patrick.

That's money going in his pocket.

Putting that kind of money in your 
pocket at this time of the year 
feels real good.

Again, mPick 3 Lottery System is 
teaching folks how to put money in 
their pockets all around the globe, 
from Atlanta to Australia and from
Chile to Chicago.

Cashing tickets is the name of 
the game.

Making this money in just two 
days can make one's life a little 
more stress free.

Pick 3 players looking for a fast 
start are signing up and subscribing 
to my monthly tutorial  
Pick 3 Exclusive VIP Newsletter
to learn the secrets and tips for 
developing their KEEN EYE and 
learning how to read the numbers 
to play.

In each issue I share insights based on my
twenty years of researching and studying the
Pick 3 Lottery from the different State
Lotteries around the country.

Contact me about my
Pick 3 Exclusive VIP Newsletter at

Have a Happy Thanksgiving!

Best Regards,

Robert Walsh 

PS: If you are interested in dialing up
1- $800 - FOPick 3 and Pick 4 Wins
either for yourself or as a Holiday Gift
for a family member or friend, then
NOW is the time to do it!

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