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Saturday, March 16, 2013

Patrick Finds His Pick 4 Lottery Pot Of Gold

If you didn't believe in the 
"Luck of the Irish" before, then try 
this one for the opening day of the 
St. Patrick's Day Weekend Save $10
Sale from a guy named "Patrick".

There is a saying about life;
"Everything in life is about good 
 timing"....being in the right place
at the right time".

Patrick P. from Illinois sent me this
email and picture starting off his 

'Mr. Walsh,
I won again thanks to your amazing
Pick 4 system. Yesterday, March 14,
2013, I hit the 3774 four times Box 

To check Patrick's winning tickets 
VISIT  Pat's Winning Tickets.

This St. Patrick's Day Weekend Sale 
runs thru Sunday, March 17th at
11:59pm Pacific Daylight Time.

You can start learning my Pick 3 and   
Pick 4 System and SAVE $10 this 
weekend that leads to  "Your Pot of Gold".

You don't have to be named Patrick or
even be Irish....on St. Patrick's Day Weekend 
everyone can share in the "Luck of the Irish".

Remember timing is everything, now is 
the time....this is the weekend >>>

Just like the lucky three leaf clover!

Have a Great Saint Patrick's Day Weekend! 

Best Regards,

Robert Walsh 

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