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Monday, August 26, 2013

Pick 4 Lottery System Now Available For Mobile Phones Download

Success Strategies Newsletter, August 2013 .....

Winning Pick 4 Lottery System

It's been a while since I last wrote you, but I
have been busy working on different projects.

I'm very happy with the results of these
projects and I want to share the results on
one of them with you.

This particular project was to create a new,
more mobile phone friendly, website for my

Do you have a mobile phone?

The new website is also much brighter and
easier to read.

It focuses on State Lotteries by name.

Most Americans have a strong identity with
their Home State.

One of the most frequently asked questions
by lottery players when addressing their
concerns about my Pick 4 Lottery System
is >>> "Does it work in my State?"

In the sidebar on the right of the new
website you'll see a beautifully designed
Infograph highlighting the top 12 playing
lottery states.

Did you know that, according to a recent Pew
Research Poll, 83% of Americans own some
kind of cell phone.

According to the Research Poll these cell
phones are used for quick information

42% use their cell phones to avoid being
bored. They bring their own recorded
entertainment or surf the internet.

This was one of the reasons I wanted to create
this new website. I wanted to reach out to these
cell phone and mobile phone users.

In addition, mobile phone users indicated that
they were frustrated when it came to downloading
something from the internet.

20% claimed it took too long.

Another 16% had difficulty reading because their
screen was too small and 10% had difficulty
entering a lot of text on their phones.

These frustrations became our frustrations when
lottery players attempted to read our website
and download the System to their phones.

That's where the next addition to my website
comes in.

You are now able to choose from two formats
to download my Pick 4 Lottery System.

Pick 4 Lottery Strategies

You can download it, as before, as an eBook,
Pdf, to your computer.

Or, you can download it as ePub which makes
the System readable on the majority of e-reading
apps, including....

  • Apple iPad/iBooks
  • Nook
  • Sony Reader
  • Kobo
  • and most other e-reading apps.

35% of American adults own a smart phone of
some kind. They take advantage of a wide range
of their phones capabilities.

Eight out of ten use their phones to go online.

Do you see yourself in this survey
using your mobile phone for any or all of these
phone functions?

By creating this new website I have made my
Pick 4 Lottery System more available to ALL
American mobile phone users.

You may also order the paperback of the
System if you wish to do so.

Currently, Pick 4 lottery players from Florida
and Georgia can visit the new website and
access important information about playing the

This information includes lottery drawing times,
addresses and phone numbers of their State
Lottery commissions, information about cashing
tickets and latest pertinent news about the
specific State Lottery, and more.

I also show, State by State, how many winning
numbers have recently been created using my
winning Pick 4 lottery system.

Following are Georgia's Winning Cash 4
Numbers created by Robert Walsh's Cash 4 -
Pick 4 System from August 1 - 15, 2013 ....

  • 8.3 Evening Drawing....................2665
  • 8.5 Evening Drawing....................2065
  • 8.8 Midday Drawing.....................7924
  • 8.9 Evening Drawing....................9025
  • 8.10 Evening Drawing..................0801
  • 8.11 Evening Drawing..................1144
  • 8.13 Evening Drawing..................1507
  • 8.14 Midday Drawing...................9527
  • 8.14 Evening Drawing..................9533
  • 8.15 Midday Drawing...................0884
  • 8.15 Evening Drawing..................7672
What State do you want to see on the new
website? Email me your answer, please @

Would you like to see yourself winning some 
of these Pick 4 numbers using my winning
Pick 4 System with its proven Strategies?

Come and visit me at

Learn how to win the Pick 4 Lottery today!

Make your Home State proud of you as one of
their big Pick 4 Lottery Winners using my

Best Regards,

Robert Walsh


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