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Monday, February 22, 2010

Pick 4 System Shows How To Win The Lottery

Want to make money with multiple Pick 4 Wins?

Of course you do!

Work to develop your "Keen Eye" to read the
"Pay Attention" to the details that you are
recording on your Mini Tracking Sheet - MTS (page 160) number trends and strategies that are
creating new Pick 4 wins!

In the Maine, Vermont & New Hampshire Pick 4,
the winning begins on February 3, 2010....
playing off 3443!
Note - double-doubles & triples can have many
related winning numbers down the line.

The very next draw is a Box Winner (see page 109).
Now, staying with the same Pick 4 Strategy.
on page 109, playing off 9349, you create three new
winning Pick 4 numbers that come up on February 10...
.....4805 & 5048 for BOX WINS.

The reason you played these four digits
is that you went to Chapter 23 and using your MTS
found that these four digits were being produced by
other previous winning numbers that followed 9349.

The four "connectors" that produced these four digits
using various strategies confirm that these are the
four digits to play.

Using the information you find in the Investment
Strategies you play at an increased level..... this
is how my System works!

Now take your 20% of winnings for wagering and
set it up for 5 draws....$8 worth of Box tickets beginning
with the very first draw after the last connector.
A Box Win now will ADD $1600 FREE MONEY to your
pocket when 0458 is drawn in ANY ORDER....
24 possibilities - 1 in 417 chance of being a winner.

But the BEST is yet to come.....

Five draws later 4805 was drawn!

That's how to win the lottery!

Now remember that first connector that created this
winning Pick 4 number and the Pick 4 Strategy on
page 109.

You go back to the same connector and test different
Strategies with this connector.

You find that multiple Strategies, including the one
on page 109 that just produced the $1600 winner
produce 9839 to play.

Two draws later, 9938 is drawn for another BOX WIN,
this time with a payout of $6400.
(20% ($400) for 5 draws = 16 x $400).

Here is the Grand Finale.

Now go back to 9938 and apply the same strategy on
page 109 and you develop 0989.
Your investment pool is around $4000.

You have $160 (same formula as above) to invest....
a very conservative investment play here would
easily be $20 on Straight Tickets and $20 on
Box Tickets

Two draws later 0989 was drawn for a
Straight and Box Win!!!!

You just won $108,000!

This took place in a 10-day period and your
$108,000 Win didn't cost you any of your own

That's how to win the lottery!

All your winnings paid for all your bets.

Plus, you also have more than $60,000 using my
Money Management Strategy to pay off debt
and credit cards.

This is the Only Pick 4 System available online
and offline that makes this kind of the
present Special Price.

Copyright © Robert Walsh Enterprises 2010


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