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Thursday, June 17, 2010

Georgia Cash 4 Lottery Back To Back Box Wins

"Success Strategies" Newsletter, June 17, 2010
Summer is officially only days away.
I hope you are ready to enjoy summer as I
am. One of the great things about summer
is the fact that so many fresh fruits come
to the market.

One of my absolute favorites is sliced fresh,
juicy Georgia peaches with cream.....IT'S

Speaking of summer and Georgia the
Georgia Cash 4 Lottery started out June with
so many Back-to-Back Box Wins it
reminded me of a Georgia Peach tree
filled with ripe peaches just ready to be

Using your Mini Tracking Sheet correctly
and following the Pick 4 System's strategy
for (1) connectors, (2) number trends,
(3) strategy trends, (4) draw ranges, and
using a "Keen Eye" to spot the obvious,
you could have filled a bushel
basket with Georgia CASH 4 Box WIns.

This creates a nice "stress-free" summer of
Free Play with CA$H 4 by maximizing your
ROI using the investment and money
management strategies you have in my
Play & Win Daily Pick 4 With Big Cash Winning Numbers.

From the May 31, 2010 Evening Draw through
June 8, 2010 Midday Draw there are
11 Back-to-Back Wins. Most of the CASH 4 Numbers
numbers here are "Connectors".

Did your Keen Eye spot
the obvious of them the GA Lottery
paid out over $3 Million to over 4700
you know which Cash 4 number that was???

Following the Strategy trends falling within
the draw range provides many of the WINS.

Here are "Connecting" Winning CASH 4
Numbers for Georgia (May 31 - June 8)....

5.31 EVE...8216
6.1 MD.......4703
6.1 EVE.....6248
6.2 MD.......2311
6.2 EVE.....1436
6.3 MD.......8285
6.3 EVE.....9124
6.4 MD.......4627
6.4 EVE.....8809
6.5 MD.......1212
6.5 EVE.....6203
6.6 MD.......8979
6.6 EVE.....1534
6.7 MD.......9049
6.7 EVE.....3409
6.8 MD.......3488
Use your Mini Tracking
Sheet and apply the Strategies to the
Pick 4 Numbers in your own State as
my Pick 4 System teaches you to do.
These opportunities are not exclusive
to Georgia....they are just as likely to
come up in your own State!

Work at developing that Keen Eye as
well as knowing all the strategies that
help to read all the trends better.

This week I received an email from a
young man, who wrote to tell me he
is doing quite well with the information
that I share with you and
others in these newsletters, and he
requested that I keep the updates coming.

In all honestly and modesty, my Pick 3 and
Pick 4 newsletters are the best in the market
....with solid information....and not just
rehashed sales letters.
If you get other newletters covering the Pick 3
and Pick know what I am talking about.

Have a great summer....enjoy the delicious
summer fruits and the bushel baskets full of
everything else....including CASH 4 you.

Copyright © Robert Walsh Enterprises 2010

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