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Monday, June 21, 2010

Pick 4 Systems - Pick 3 Systems - Useful Tips

"Success Strategies" Newsletter, June 21, 2010,

The electricity is back on, thank goodness,
it is amazing how dependent we are on

Welcome to SUMMER! Today is officially
the first day of SUMMER according to our
calendar. I said "our calendar" because
there are over 40 calendars in use in the
world today. Some calendars are solar
(based on the movement of the sun) and
some are lunar (based on the movement
of the moon).

There are Chinese, Jewish, Islamic,
Korean, Christian, Orthodox, Mayan
calendars to name a few.

Numbers don't have or use calendars.
Recently I received an email regarding
tracking numbers. The emailer wanted
to know when "tracking numbers" with
each new month "do you start tracking
the numbers anew?"

Numbers do not have
calendars, people do. Numbers don't
pay attention to the time change from
one month to another. SO KEEP

For us, mere mortals, who are governed
by our calendars. For our record keeping
we can separate our recorded
information. During this monthly period
of transition you need to go back and forth
until you get to the point where you

For my Pick 3 System,
How To Play & Win The Pick 3 Lottery,
this means 8 to 10 draws.
Bobbie, you don't need any
information prior to that.

For my Pick 4 System,
Play & Win Daily Pick 4 With Big Cash Winning Numbers,
this means 15 to 20 draws.
All previous information will be of
little value to you.

Here's some Good News from
"Father's Day"....Oklahoma
Pick 3 players received the
gift of the 444.

I received an email from an
Ohio Pick 4 player who was using
my Pick 4 System early Sunday
afternoon sharing his "Good News".

For his $5.00 investment playing
five Pick 4 numbers Straight & Box
he received a nice Father's Day gift of
$2900. Visit my Pick 4 Website
to see his Winning Ticket.

Continued SUCCESS to all, and
have an Enjoyable and
Prosperous SUMMER!!!

And, REMEMBER keep on tracking.

Robert Walsh

Copyright © Robert Walsh Enterprises 2010

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