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Thursday, September 2, 2010

Blazing Hot Pick 4 Numbers

'Success Strategies' Newsletter....September 2, 2010....

I hope you had a good summer....
I can't believe how hot it has been.....
I'm not talking about the weather.....
I'm talking about the Pick 4 numbers
during August.

It has been BLAZING HOT with Pick 4
winning numbers all over the country,
just like the weather.

Did you see what my Pick 4 System
gave to Indiana Daily 4 Players
with some very obvious strategy
giveaway type 8 days
(Aug 20 - Aug 28)....1 Million Dollars
in Free Money
by following the
Strategies including the Investment
and Money Management Strategy.

Indiana Daily 4 continued to be in
a giving mood with an easy
Evening Strategy WIN on Sept.1st.

In the Massachusetts Numbers Game
they turned a Traveling Pick 4 Number
into a Giveaway Number that easily
turned $40 into $25,000. The Triple
Investment Strategy guided the way.

Many Pick 4 Lotteries had
repeating numbers in August....


There's a lot more to talk about,
but I'll put it into the next newsletter,
such as the August Traveling Pick 4
Numbers, and how Ohio Pick 4 ended
the month with a Giveaway Number,
and all the other State and Provincial
Pick 4 Lotteries like the Ontario Pick 4
in Canada.

I feel like I'm typing a mile a minute,
with all this Good News from August.

Lastly, let me pass on some more
Traveling Pick 4 Numbers that might
be heading your way....

5883...TX 8.31 MD & MO 8.31 EVE
0382...ME, NH, VT 8.31 MD & KY 9.1 MD
9686...LA 8.31 EVE & OR 8.31 - 10PM

In closing let's keep our East Coast
brothers and sisters in our
thoughts and prayers for their safety
from Hurricane Earl from
North Carolina to Maine.

Good Luck and Continue to Prosper
from these Blazing Hot Pick 4 Numbers.

Copyright © Robert Walsh Enterprises 2010


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