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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Trends Continue With Pick 4 Lottery Numbers

'Success Strategies' Newsletter....September 7, 2010....

Summer is over, and school has started,
and most households are in the process
of changing their morning patterns and
routines in order to make sure everyone
leaves the house on time to arrive at
their respective destinations on time.

Changing patterns or trends for Pick 4
Lottery Numbers at this time of the year
doesn't necessarily require the same sort
of adjustments.

There are some early indications that
the August Pick 4 trends may be
staying around.

Make sure to use my Pick 4 Strategies
to see if any of the numbers fit.

Repeating Numbers

Last month this was one of the hot
trends. The California Daily 4
gave its Pick 4 players a gift
when 2233 was drawn on 9.6.2010
just five drawings after 3322 was
drawn on September 1st.

The payouts were....

Straight & Box.........$1190
Box Only...............$164

Here is the amazing thing about the
the California Lottery with a State
population that it has....only 87
tickets cashed in on this trend.

Stay tuned for more information on
September trends.

If you don't have my Pick 4 System
yet, now is a good idea to buy
the book in order to be prepared
for September trends. You need
to know how to cash in on them.

You wouldn't think of sending
your kids off to school without
text books....would you?

I bet you love to be paid for going
to school with this text book!!!

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