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Friday, October 1, 2010

Pick 4 Lottery Giveaway Numbers

'Success Strategies' Newsletter....October 1, 2010....

When I was in high school there were
a couple of teachers that periodically
would surprise the students by giving
us an open book test.

It was pretty sad if you failed an open
book test, unless you never had seen
the material in the first place.

That is how I envision my Pick 4 System
in your hands. The only thing
better is being able to ask the teacher
for the answer to the question.

So here's the question....
What's the best and quickest way
to find the next potential Winning
Pick 4 Lottery Number?

And I, the teacher give you the answer....

Use the Mini Tracking Sheet
(found on page 160) and
apply the Strategies to the Winning
Pick 4 Numbers to create the next
winning numbers.

Chapter 23 on Connectors offers
a detailed outline of the process.

Now every student should have the

Some students don't accept this
correct answer given by the teacher.
One student writes this as his answer:

"The Mini Tracking Sheet is simply a
recording device. It does not tell me
which strategy to use." and "there is
no way to tell which strategy to use
and when."

Let me share with you a SECRET....

The following Florida Play 4 Triple Play
Pick 4 Box Giveaway Numbers were all
developed by using the Mini Tracking
Sheet and applying my Strategies to the
previous Winning Pick 4 Numbers.

Here are the Florida Play 4 Box
Giveaway Numbers are....

Saturday 9.25.EVE....6900 (4)
Sunday 9.26.EVE....0029 (3)
Tuesday 9.28.MD.....9590 (4)

A Giveaway Number is any number that
(3 or more) of the previous winning numbers
after applying the Pick 4 Strategies to them
produced in any order.

I gathered all the needed information from the
Mini Tracking Sheet to find these winning
Florida Play 4 Giveaway Numbers from the
previous 19 draws beginning on 9.16.2010.

Other recent Pick 4 Lottery Giveaway Numbers

Kentucky Pick 4.........9.30.EVE........1970
Pennsylvania Big 4.... 9.29.EVE........0457
New Jersey Pick 4..... 9.25.EVE........3574
Illinois Pick 4.........9.29.EVE........1276
ME NH & VT Pick 4..... 9.29.EVE........0054
Wisconsin Daily 4...... 9.29.EVE........4098

There are plenty of opportunities to find
winning Pick 4 numbers using my Pick 4
System when learned and used correctly.

And, when you use the correct answer that
it is given to you by the teacher.

Copyright © Robert Walsh Enterprises 2010

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