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Thursday, October 21, 2010

Winning Pick 4 Numbers

'Success Strategies' Newsletter, October 21, 2010....

My recent Pick 4 newsletters have
focused on Triples and Doubles-Doubles.
The reason for that is that these two sets
of Pick 4 numbers are the most profitable
Box paying numbers.

The Triples pay $1200 for one $1 Box
Ticket and the Double-Doubles pay
$800 for the same $1 Ticket.

My Pick 4 System is based on applying
its 20-plus proven winning Strategies to
the drawn Winning Pick 4 Numbers to
create the next potential Winning Number.

One of the Free Gifts I give away as part of
the purchase of my Pick 4 System is the
Tracking Sheet. Tracking the Winning
Numbers on the Tracking Sheet is the
fastest way to discover the next Winning

Recently in the Florida Play 4 8883 was
drawn in the Evening draw on October 14,

By using the Tracking Sheet correctly
after identifying the 8883 as the
next potential Winning Pick 4 Number,
players who patiently played this number
with the use of the Strategies of Triples, and
Investment, and Money Management were
rewarded with Winning Straight and Box
tickets worth $4900 with an average per
draw cost of $2.40.

They played this number because (1) it
is a Triple and (2) it had three previous
winning numbers pointing to the 8883
to play.

The importance of Triples and
Double-Doubles is not just about
being drawn initially with their big
payouts, but also the potential
winning numbers that these types
of numbers produce themselves when
applying the strategies to them.

The most recent example of this
is from Maine, New Hampshire,
and Vermont Pick 4 Lotteries,
where 2033 followed 2022 in the
very next draw.

Do YOU KNOW what kind of
knowledge and use of the
Strategies in my Pick 4 System
has on your wallet in this case???

Following my Pick 4 System's process
CORRECTLY, with a $50 investment worth
of STRAIGHT Tickets, in this case, gives
you $250,000!!!

That's a quarter of a Million Dollars for
$50!!! This is just one example of the
that my Pick 4 System is all about.

Wouldn't you want to have an OPPORTUNITY
to make that kind of MONEY from just one $50

That's exactly the kind of opportunity that my
Pick 4 System offers you with its
20-plus Proven Winning Strategies.

What are your needs?....wants?....desires?

Copyright © Robert Walsh Enterprises 2010

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