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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Pick 4 Lottery Numbers - Winning Trends

'Success Strategies' Newsletter....January 26, 2011...

My Pick 4 System is all about "trends".
Pick 4 players, like yourself, are interested

With my Pick 4 System, because I have
studied the Pick 4 Lottery Numbers for
over the last 20 years, I teach you to
look for trends within the numbers.

If you are into the Stock Market, your
investment firm or trader makes
investments with your money based
on trend analysis of the market.

As a matter of fact, the whole U.S.
economy is based on the Stock Market
movement based on trend analysis. If
the Market has a positive trend, then the
economy does well, and conversely,
if it is in a negative trend, then the
economy does we know
all too well over the last 3 years.

Trend analysis is based on the idea
that what has happened in the past
gives you an idea what will happen
in the future.

My Pick 4 System teaches you to
look for different number occurrences
that you may have never thought about
before in order to discover ways to WIN
the Pick 4 Lottery.

Over the past 6 months I have mentioned
"Repeating Numbers" in newsletters.

A "repeating number" is any set of the
same four digits being drawn a second
or third time in any order within a very
short period of to twelve draws.

My Pick 4 System (as well as my Pick 3
System) teaches you and alerts you to pay
attention to this WINNING Pick 4 WAYS!

Even the simplest minded Pick 4 player would
suggest to you not to play the
"same four digits that were just drawn".
They would argue that they won't be drawn
again for a LONG TIME.

By learning about the different "TRENDS"
I write about in my Pick 4 System you
either playing for a "Repeating Number"
to be drawn again or by playing off a set
of "Repeating Numbers" by applying
one or more of my 20-plus Strategies to

With one $1 or $2 investment of a given
potential a Pick 4 player such as yourself
can pick up some nice money. Let's decide
on a $2 investment ($1 Straight Ticket and
$1 Box Ticket). The Maximum play is for
20 draws for a total investment of $40.

The ideal situation, of course, is that the
Repeating Pick 4 Number comes back
being drawn in the exact same order.

This doesn't happen often, but it can occur.
If you agree with this statement,
then you have the "option" of just
playing the potential repeating number for
$2 BOX.

Payouts using these "options" range from
$400 to $6,200. In the New Jersey
Pick 4 Lottery
"3799" repeated itself
two draws later in the exact same
order in the Evening Draw on
January 22, 2011.

Below are other results of Repeating
Pick 4 Numbers for January 2011.

The Payoffs are based on a $2 BOX

State #Draws Numbers Investment/Payout

MD Pick 4.......1 draw..... 4399 & 9943.....$2/$800
PA Big 4........2 draws.....6125 & 2165.....$4/$400
CT Play 4.......3 draws......2918 & 2819.....$6/$400
TX Daily 4......5 draws......2072 & 0272.....$10/$800
FL Play 4.......8 draws.....7865 & 7658.....$16/$400
OH Pick 4.......8 draws.....7766 & 6767.....$16/$1600
IA PICK 4......11 draws.....0993 & 9903.....$22/$800
IL Pick 4......11 draws.....0993 & 9903.....$22/$800
VA Pick 4......12 draws.....0910 & 9001.....$24/$800

In the Oregon Pick 4 (with 4 draws per day) 5738 was
drawn 3 times in 4 consecutive draws.....5738 > 7538 >
xxxx > 3875.

Start your Winnings Ways TODAY by learning about
Pick 4 Trends with my Pick 4 System!

Copyright © Robert Walsh Enterprises 2011

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