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Saturday, November 12, 2011

Pick 4 Numbers - Double-Doubles & Triples

'Success Strategies' Newsletter....November 12, 2011....

As I have stated before I have always
been fascinated by numbers, including
Pick 4 numbers.

That why I wrote my Pick 4 System
Play & Win Daily Pick 4 With Big Cash
Winning Numbers.

Yesterday was Veterans Day, also known
as Armistice Day, which marked the end of
World War I when the Treaty was signed at
the 11th hour on the 11th day of the 11th month
in 1918.

I want to take time to offer a word of
"Thanks" to all the servicemen and women
who have and are sacrificing so much on
behalf of all Americans in keeping us safe.

Yesterday was 11.11.11 (Nov. 11, 2011), the
type of date that occurs once every century.
Many Pick 4 players across the country
played 1111. This type of number is called
a palindrome, which is the same number
read forwards or backwards.

Speaking of ones (1s), here is a little insight
to make you the smartest person one time
in your life. Do you know the product of
1,111,111 x 1,111,111? The answer is
an easy one to remember and it is >>
1-2-3-4-5-6-7-6-5-4-3-2-1. Translated
into words: 1 trillion, 234 billion, 567 million,
654 thousand, 321.

In the Pick 4 lottery there are only 10,000
potential winning combinations ranging from
0000 to 9999. The Biggest Cash Winning
Pick 4 Numbers in the Box form are Pick 4 Triples
and Double-Doubles.
One single $1 Box Ticket respectively returns $1200 & $800.

My Pick 4 System with its 20-plus strategies teaches
players to learn to connect winning Pick 4 numbers
to each other.

I have written about Triple and Double-Double
Pick 4 Numbers a number of times in these
newsletters and pointed out the fact that these Pick 4
numbers attract each other, thus they are drawn
together in a short period of time.

Each time in the past I have offered this advice >>>
when a Double-Double or Triple Pick 4 number appears,
check the previous winning Pick 4 numbers by applying
my Strategies TO CREATE ANOTHER Double-Double or Triple
Pick 4 number TO PLAY AND WIN!

Month after month, from January to November, this process
has repeated itself over and over again!

based on a small investment of the purchase of my
Pick 4 System, and a played investment, say of $2 Box
play per draw, can net you over $1500.

This 4-step process begins with....

(1) Purchasing my Pick 4 System.

(2) Learning the strategies and how to use my Pick 4
System correctly.

(3) When a Double-Double or Triple Pick 4 Number is drawn,
begin to apply the strategies to the other winning Pick 4
numbers, and create another Pick 4 Double-Double
or Triple (as the examples below show....sometimes you
just have to use the Double-Double number itself).

(4) Set up an investment plan and play the newly created
potential winning Pick 4 number.

This is happening all across the country,
from Connecticut to Kentucky to Missouri to Oregon in
their Pick 4 Lotteries. See the examples below >>>

Connecticut Play 4

11.2.EVE....3434 >>> 10 draws later >>> 11.7.EVE....2332
or 5 Evening to evening draws.

Kentucky Pick 4

11.2.EVE....9977 >>> 4 draws later >>> 11.4.EVE....3993

Missouri Pick 4

11.3.MID....2626 >>> 10 draws later >>> 11.8.MID....3553
or 5 Midday to Midday draws.

Oregon Pick 4

11.3/10pm....0033 >>> 4 draws later >>> 11.7/10pm....0077

These opportunities are waiting for you.

With these hard and difficult economic times that $1500
return mentioned above is quite a welcomed amount of
EXTRA MONTHLY INCOME whether it be for the
Holiday Season or through the New Year!

Remember this is JUST ONE of HUNDREDS of WINNING
OPPORTUNITIES that my Pick 4 System gives you,
when you learn the strategies and how to
correctly use the System.

Good Luck,

Robert Walsh

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