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Saturday, November 19, 2011

Proven Pick 4 Lottery System Produces 5 Box Winners Out Of 9 Computer Drawings in Oklahoma Pick 4 Lottery

Did you ever try to have a conversation with
a person who has closed his/her mind to any
other opinion other than their own?

It's like talking to a wall. They believe they are right,
no matter what anyone says or whatever proof is
offered as contradictory evidence; no one else can
convince the person otherwise....even with the TRUTH.

Harry Truman put it this way....
'Intense feelings too often obscure the truth.'

My Pick 4 System works equally well in all the Pick 4
lotteries in the United States once the player learns the
strategies and how to use the System correctly. I have
studied the Pick 4 lottery for more than 15 years.

I wrote Play & Win Daily Pick 4 With Big Cash
Winning Numbers
based on the accumulated
knowledge from all these years.

Since I published my Pick 4 System in April 2009 to
the present, I have exchanged many emails over these
many months with those who seem to know it all. One
of the continuous ongoing beliefs held by a number of
Pick 4 players is that computer generated drawings
are harder to win.

When a particular State changes their drawing
method from the traditional mechanical lottery ball
machine drawing to the computer generated drawing
method, then there are fewer winners.

This past week I had one of these emails from an
Oklahoma Pick 4 player who had purchased my Pick 4
System. He believes that since the Oklahoma
Lottery went with the computer drawings hardly
anyone wins. They hardly have more than
2 - 3 winners.

This is TRUE, they hardly have any winners. During
the period from November 4 through November 17,
there was ONLY 1 STRAIGHT ticket winner and
54 winners with BOX tickets with an average of
3 - 4 BOX winners per draw.

But he did not provide any comparative data
PRIOR to the change to the computer draw.

For those who don't know....Oklahoma is the
latest State that added the Pick 4 to their Lottery
games on July 5, 2011.

They have one single drawing 7 nights a week.

Correctly using my Pick 4 Strategies and System, I
replied to his email with the following results >>>


11.1........3451....created from 2 different strategies
for a BOX WIN.

11.4........7341....created from 2 different strategies
for a BOX WIN.

11.8........7014....created from 2 different strategies
for a BOX WIN.

In each of these BOX WINS one of the two strategies
was the same working strategy just as the system is
set up to work

In addition to these 3-BOX WINS there was another
strategy that created the following 2-BOX WINS.

11.5........6637....for another BOX WIN.

11.9........5172....for another BOX WIN.

I sent him this email pointing out that by using
my Pick 4 System correctly, he could be a winner.

I also pointed out the fact that one Michigan Daily 4
who purchased my System and learned
the Strategies and how to use the system correctly
the midday draw on September 14, 2011 with 3087.

Harry Truman said, 'I never did give anyone hell.
I just told the truth and they thought it was hell.'

The point I made was that I did not believe that it
had anything to do with the computer draw as
much as it had to do with the fact that Oklahoma
Pick 4 players were not using a quality, proven,
winning Pick 4 Lottery System.

So, what did he email me back? The low number
of winners for last night's drawing - just as if I
never sent him any information at all.

Like the Michigan Daily 4 player with my Pick 4
System, if he focused on learning to use the
System correctly, instead of complaining about
how nobody is winning the Oklahoma Pick 4, he
could be rejoicing that "HE is ONE of just two or
three Pick 4 WINNERS with a WINNING BOX
Ticket in the whole State of Oklahoma."

Winning has a lot to do with ATTITUDE.
If you focus on losing do you really think that it
is going to lead you to more wins?

Out of the 36 Pick 4 Lotteries in the United States,
Canada, and Puerto Rico, 12** use the computer
generated drawing method and 25** use the traditional
mechanical lottery ball machine drawings.

The difference** is because Pennsylvania Big 4 uses
the computer generated drawing method for midday
and the traditional mechanical lottery ball machine
for the evening draw.

My Pick 4 Lottery System is SUCCESSFUL in all
36 lotteries once the player learns the Strategies and
how to correctly use the System.

Doing so he can WIN the Pick 4 Lottery in every
one of them.

So if you have the determination and commitment
to LEARN my Pick 4 System, you don't have to look
for excuses for losing and blame it on computer draws.

As Harry Truman said, 'The only things worth
learning are things you learn after you know it all.'


Good Luck,

Robert Walsh

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