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Sunday, August 12, 2012

Pick 4 Lottery - The Difference Between Success & Failure May Be A Matter Of One

Welcome All Pick 4 Players,

This past weekend the United States
successfully landed a Rover named
"Curiosity" on the planet MARS.

This project has been in the works
for years. Thousands of individuals
have been working on the calculations
on every aspect of this Mission to Mars.

Everything had to be accurate and
precise....there was no room for error small mistake could doom this
$2.5 Billion Project to failure.

All the committed and dedicated
individuals working on this Mission
to Mars believed in the SUCCESS
of the Mission down to the last detail.

All their work and commitment paid
off when Rover Curiosity landed safely
within ONE MINUTE of the planned
scheduled time that had been set
months before.

The Project Team so believed in their
calculations for the chosen landing
site on the planet Mars which is 4X
the size of planet Earth that they
reduced the landing area in half to
a mere 48 square miles.

And as Olympians like to brag
...."they nailed the landing".
The other day I send out an email
response and I realized after I sent
the email out that it had a typo
which is a typing mistake.

Instead of typing "you can't go wrong"
the message was sent out as "you
can go wrong".

Here is an example of how a
mistake of "Just ONE LETTER"
can create a "losing, negative
message" instead of the intended
positive winning message!

My Pick 4 Lottery System has 20+ Proven
Winning Strategies based on years
of study and research much like
NASA 's Successful Mission to Mars
landing of the Rover Curiosity this past

My Pick 4 System's Strategies are
so successful that during the first
week of August 2012, they created
at least one winning Pick 4 number
in every one of the 36 - Pick 4
Lotteries in the United States,
Canada and Puerto Rico

The majority of them are
Straight/Box Wins.

Check out the August 2012 Successes
on my website at

You can see it doesn't matter where
you play the Pick 4 Lottery.... System's Strategies creates
Winning Pick 4 Numbers in all States.

These Strategies, besides creating
winning numbers, also provide
Pick 4 Lottery players with additional
income that they might not otherwise have.

A recently received email from a grateful
Pick 4 player highlights this fact >>>

August 3, 2012

'I have not yet found a job yet and the
economy is a mess right wife
and I are moving into a new place and
all our bills are all paid up.....but I still
don't have a job and I am not bragging,
but your program is excellent.....

I have been winning three times a week
for the past month....including last night
in VA on the 5236, thanks again Mr Walsh.


With so many Americans out of work
and unable to find even a part-time job, my
Pick 4 System can be that small ray of
HOPE that can bring in needed MONIES
to make their situation a little less

Like my email with the typo, the difference
between your SUCCESS and Failure may
come down to ONE LETTER .... "t" ....

....the difference between CAN and CAN'T!

The same is true for the Mars Mission to
land the Rover Curiosity on the "Red"

The NASA JPL Project Team put their minds,
hearts and souls into the BELIEF of
"YES, WE CAN!" .... and they DID!

Do you dare to say "YES" to
YOUR FAMILY during these challenging
economic times by learning the Strategies
and how to use my Pick 4 System to create
and find winning Pick 4 numbers to play.

Just as the landing of Curiosity on MARS


Learning from the text of all the years of
studying and research will lead to more

The SAME IS TRUE of my System.

Once you purchase my Pick 4 System
and learn to use the Strategies and
System you too make more discoveries
on seeing how the Pick 4 numbers are
connected to each other.

The more successes you have, the more
money comes flowing in.

A number of Pick 4 players who have
already purchased my Pick 4 System
are now taking advantage of my
Pick 4 Premium VIP Newsletter that
propels players into the WINNERS' CIRCLE
and onto the top podium to receive
the Gold Medal with a STRAIGHT WIN.

Contact me at
for more information on my
Pick 4 Premium VIP Newsletter.

Best Regards,

Robert Walsh

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