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Saturday, August 18, 2012

Pick 4 Lottery Forums Compared To The Mars Mission Planning For Landing Curiosity On The Red Planet.

If you ever listen to Pick 4 players writing or talking
about their experience in playing the Pick 4 lottery
there are some amazing things that they share in
lottery forums.

In terms of their losing they come up with all sorts
of excuses from personally blaming the State's Lottery
Director, the change to computer draws, and, of course,
the lottery results are fixed.

Ironically they like to celebrate their almost wins
because they had picked 3 of the 4 digits of the
winning Pick 4 numbers.

Needless to say, the almost win is still a

Many of the same forum's speakers spend hours sharing
their ideas of one day finding the perfect system.

Because of their repeating participation in discussions
-- to the outside world or lottery players discovering
these forums for the first time -- they create an aura
about themselves that they are somewhat of an expert
or at least mr. know-it-all when it comes to
evaluating Pick 4 systems and strategies.

This is far from the truth in a number of cases,
particularly when it comes to evaluating one of the
systems that came to their attention.

It doesn't matter if it is one of their own fellow
forum members presenting the new system or strategy,
or it is someone from the outside.

Like the judge in the court room they render their
opinion for all to read.

Their rendered opinion has nothing to do with the
amount of time they may or may not have spent
studying or intelligently reviewing or practicing
the system or strategies.

It has nothing to do with whether or not he
understood how to use the Pick 4 system or
strategies correctly.

It just takes one of the so-called assumed
whose image was created by the
huge number of posts, hundreds or thousands,
to render his personal negative opinion of one
of these newly Pick 4 strategies or systems
to be sent to the trash bin because it
is not worth the paper it is written on.

This is followed by the naysayers's marching band
of fellow forum members jumping on the band wagon
of criticism individually cheering on the so-called
expert's opinion with posts of their own.

Most of these bandwagon riders posts usually just
want one thing, namely the number to play and win.

They are very happy to let somebody else figure
out how the new strategies or system work.

Then after all the work has been done by someone
else and with never once looking at or even
reviewing the new system or strategies individually
themselves, they bring out their bats of criticism
and negativity and beat the strategies or
system to death.

The know-nothings who have never even read
one single page of the strategies or system for days,
weeks and even months keep regurgitating, vomiting,
the same initial post of the so-called expert
much to his delight since his required responses
just add to his total number of posts as well as
to the fact that with so many members keep referring
back to him and are quoting him that his expertise
aura keeps expanding.

Sometimes these forums for lottery players can
become labyrinth of ignorance and negativity.

No matter what new system or strategy is presented
to them, it is ultimately shot down and killed
by the so-called expert's rendered opinion based on
his personal ignorance and prejudice.

No new Pick 4 System or Strategies ever escape these
pathways of ignorance and negativity to the outside
world where others might benefit from them.

Now compare this to the Mission to Mars team of

The men and women of NASA and the Jet Propulsion


All the members are created skeptics, they love
going around suggesting ways of how the mission

They share all the potential failure information
with each other much like the Pick 4 lottery

But unlike the members of the lottery forum these
NASA and JPL members invested their time and energy
to study every aspect of the system or strategy
down to the last minute detail until they knew
everything about their area of expertise associated
with this Mission to Mars and explained all potential
causes for failures, and thus created a
potential SUCCESS STORY and PLAN.

They didn't just blindly follow the opinion of one
of the experts, but they challenged each other over
and over again.

They all didn't become a bandwagon of naysayers who
crushed and buried the whole planned Mission to Mars
until they canceled it.

Instead, they found solutions to all their negative
opinions, conversations, and projections.

This forum of NASA and JPL mission members replaced
their negativity with HOPE by understanding how to
overcome all the potential negative outcomes associated
with this Mission to Mars.

They put this Mission together and shared it with the
world outside their own little circle of NASA and JPL
members who really did KNOW what they were doing.

They invited the world to watch and wait for the final
journey of those last crucial 7 minutes for either
success or failure.

In that short time period this $2.5 Billion Mission
would either succeed or fail, and they offered the
quiet hope and excitement they held inside
representing the past eight plus years of hard work,
study and research.

They freely allowed the world to see their emotions
explode at the news that the Rover named Curiosity
had successfully touched down on Mars.

And now the world knows what SUCCESS looks like and
feels like for a group of hard working people from
NASA and JPL who spent nearly ten years taking this
strategy or system of landing this Rover named
"Curiosity" on the surface of the planet Mars and
turned it into a HUGE SUCCESS STORY.

In conclusion
the reader needs to be mindful
of whom they are taking advice from.

Not all those who appear to be "Experts" are

Not all pronounced opinions are
since not all researchers do a COMPLETE
STUDY and EVALUATION of a System or Strategies.

The reader should be aware of the environment
that an EXPERT works in

Is it positive and productive with some history
of previous successes or is it negative and
destructive and has not created any proven
winning success stories for themselves?

In the event you can't know for sure, then you
should invest your own time and energy to do your
own investigation of a Pick 4 System or Pick 3
System or Strategies rather than be led astray
and miss out on REAL SUCCESS from a judged SYSTEM
that could turn you into a REAL WINNER.

Do your own homework for your own

Copyright © Robert Walsh 2012

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