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Sunday, January 20, 2013

Finding The Right Pick 4 Lottery System To Win More Often

Every serious Pick 4 Lottery player is on a constant 
search for a Pick 4 System that will help him or her 
to become the SUCCESSFUL PICK 4 PLAYER that 
they have always dreamed they could become.

My guess is that serious Pick 4 players have 
purchased at least one system in their history as 
lottery player.  

The number of Pick 4 Lottery Systems that have 
been published over the last 20-plus years have 
received their fair share of reviews from Pick 4 
players who have purchased them over these 

With each new purchased Pick 4 System their
excitement rises with the HOPE that this 
particular System will be the "ONE" that will 
teach them how to win more often and teach 
them how to win more money.

After years of trying to find out the winning 
formulas for themselves that just haven't 
worked, most Pick 4 players turn to these 
published Systems as their PLAN B 

Their hope is that someone else has 
discovered the key to winning that they 
were just not able to.

'I want to thank you for your excellent 
Pick 4 System.  Everything that you say 
about your Pick 4 system is TRUE.  
I have created my own ATM machine of 
In the last nine days, beginning last Sunday, 
November 11, 2012 using your system I 
have winning tickets from 4317, 9922 (11.15), 
3332 (11.18) and 7944 (11.20).  
I am fast approaching $4,000 in just two 
weeks, that's AWESOME!   
Thank you for a GREAT SYSTEM!'

And then he added these two winning tickets 
to his collection by using this same 
Pick 4 Lottery System.....

                                                                                                   After sorting through all the "hype" that each
published Pick 4 System has to promote their
system's merits to pitch the system's 
successes, that they offer to each Pick 4 player,
and/or reviews that one has read on the internet, 
newbie or veteran, a decision has to be made....
to buy or not to buy?

Once the lottery player makes the commitment 
to purchase the system then the learning curve 
is the next serious step to face.  

Over the years one realizes that every person/
player learns differently based on the individual's 
past experience of one's own educational 

But learning anything has a lot to do with 
commitment and determination of the long 
term goal, namely learning a system to the 
point of being successful.  

Commitment and determination is so powerful
that it can overcome any learning handicaps 
that may be present in a person's life.

These factors are clearly exemplified by a lottery 
player from Malaysia who purchases a Pick 4
lottery system, which is written in English for the 
American Pick 4 lottery style game and not the 
23 number drawings of the Malaysian 4d game.  

This individual not only overcomes the 
language difference, but also the adaptation 
of the U.S. Pick 4 Lottery game to the Magnum 
4d lottery game.

His very impressive successful results puts to 
shame the American Pick 4 players who have 
fewer handicaps to deal with and throw in the 
towel, giving up, after a very short period of time 
because they failed to learn the correct use of 
the System and do not experience success or 
winning results.

Direct Hits, Straight Wins, on the Top Two 
Winning 4D Numbers in the Magnum 4D 

Sometimes these American Pick 4 Players who
give up without properly learning to use the 
System often times declare a Pick 4 System a
"scam" rather than admitting to any personal 
failure on their part.  

They end up sharing this opinion on the internet, 
particularly in lottery forums.

'I recently bought his system. Don't waste your 
time. There are too many strategies to deal with.  
He claims you can tell which one to play, but I 
disagree. Go and use that money to take your 
family out for a nice rib dinner. There's more 
meat on them ribs than there is in that system.'

Sometimes this is an "anger" response to 
their own personal failure in light of the 
successful testimonials found on the webpage 
or sales letter of a particular system. 

Their frustration is, "I can't learn it", but all 
these other Pick 4 players have learned 
it and are making money with it.

It is hard to say whether this is due to the 
American high expectation for immediate 
results/success, or it is a sign of laziness
or a lack of determination and commitment.  

None of which are a part of their expressed 
published opinion of the System that may 
dissuade other lottery players from purchasing 
the said Pick 4 System after reading their 

This process due to the lack of candor of 
the original player's claim that the System 
is a "scam" presented to the public and other 
Pick 4 players, in particular, deprives others of 
the chance to learn the System and use it 
correctly to become a winner instead of a loser.  

After reading the written review, the reader/pick 4 
player bypasses this particular system in favor 
of a better reviewed system without ever 
purchasing it and trying it for him or herself.

The next issue the player faces represents the 
failed systems.  

If the purchaser bought a system that never 
did create any winning Pick 4 numbers to play, 
is there a way of finding out just WHY the 
System didn't work.  

Hopefully, the Pick 4 player purchased a system 
with a 100% Money Back Guarantee, and the 
player could return it and get his or her money 

If indeed the system itself was flawed and 
incapable of creating potential winning Pick 4 
lottery numbers, then it would be a very important 
piece of information, if someone analyzed the 
system to determine what made the system 
incapable of producing winning numbers for the 

With such knowledge in hand the player would 
be able to check future systems for the same 
flawed part or characteristic, and avoid purchasing 
another system that is incapable of producing 
winning Pick 4 numbers and only continues to 
make a player a continuing loser. 

This would be a real asset to a player saving him 
or her more time, money, aggravation and frustration.

Copyright © Robert Walsh 2013

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