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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Secrets and Truth of Pick 4 Lottery Systems Finally EXPOSED!

Robert Walsh proudly announces the release of his latest lottery book, Discover the Secrets and Truth about Pick 4 Lottery Systems.  

Secrets and Truth about Pick 4 Lottery Systems

Unlike his two previously released books, which are Strategy based Systems on how to play and win the Pick 3 and Pick 4 Lotteries, his latest book, Discover the Secrets and Truth about Pick 4 Lottery Systems, at, is a well-documented chart filled book explaining the failure and reasons many of the Pick 4 Systems that players have purchased over the past forty years did not and could not produce the promised winning results for the Pick 4 players who purchased them.

These same type of Systems continue to be bought and sold even today as Robert Walsh’s latest book demonstrates.

In his 20 years of studying and researching the Pick 3 and Pick 4 lotteries for his previous two books Mr. Walsh gained insights about what worked and what didn’t work with any consistency for Pick 4 players who were desperately looking for a System that they could learn and use to play winning numbers. 

Most Pick 4 Lottery Systems that were in the marketplace and available to lottery players all employed the same methodology as their starting point.

Most every Pick 4 System began their research to create groups of numbers for the player to play and win with.  They all relied on the standard filter system for their research.

They used the hot number filter, the cold number filter and the overdue number filter

The data was gathered from long lists of past winning numbers representing various lengths of time and number of draws. It seemed that more was better. The larger the data base was the more accurate the results would be, so six months would produce more accurate digits than one month.

Their belief was centered on the hypothesis that by isolating the top 3 digits from these three categories and wheeling them together would create a group of composite Pick 4 numbers to play and win.

Both System creators and players alike all believed this process made sense.  If Pick 4 players purchased Systems, then they purchased one of these Systems.  Unfortunately, as Mr. Walsh points out in his latest book, nobody questioned these Systems and their poor and low production rate of winning numbers. 

Because of this unexplained reoccurrence of poor results that players were experiencing with one Pick 4 Lottery System after another, Mr. Walsh felt there was a significant flaw at the root of all these systems that no one had yet discovered, nor was looking for.  In his book, Discover the Secrets and Truth about Pick 4 Lottery Systems, Mr. Walsh reveals the secrets for these failures after all these years.

Secrets and Truth about Pick 4 Lottery Systems

Like any great mystery, there had to be a reason for all these poor producing results. 
In each example of his comprehensive and carefully researched charts from each and every Pick 4 Lottery in the United States and Canada, from California to Maine and from Florida to Ontario, Canada, Mr. Walsh clearly reveals the hidden secret behind the same poor results consistently and repeatedly all over North America. 

For most Pick 4 players this book at last explains the reason why they didn’t become winners with these systems in the past. This revelation is not just for veteran players who experienced years of losses, but it is also an eye opener for the current players who are still being offered these kinds of Pick 4 Lottery Systems today.

Before Mr. Walsh’s latest book Pick 4 Players had no connection to this information and this major unknown flaw was duping unsuspecting Pick 4 players out of hundreds and thousands of dollars as they kept buying and using these Systems believing that they were getting well researched potential winning Pick 4 numbers with each newly purchased Pick 4 System.

Though most Pick 4 players are quick to blame the System’s creator for selling them a “scam” when a given Pick 4 System fails to produce, Mr. Walsh clearly states that no System creator is to be blamed for this failure.  It is the entire Pick 4 community, players and system creators alike, who share in the culpability or blame.  Each and every buyer and seller of these Pick 4 Systems believed that these systems would produce a set or list of qualified Pick 4 numbers based on the extensive research that developed them. 

It was a case of three blind mice, no one questioned the System, no one asked if there was a problem and no one bothered to analyze the system until now even though the systems were producing an extremely low percentage of winning numbers compared to what was promised in the sales pitch.

System creators kept tweaking their basic Pick 4 Lottery System with more and more filters, such as high and low numbers and odd and even numbers appearing to make the system look even more precise in delivering the right potential winning numbers to the Pick 4 players who desperately wanted to put a stop to their losing ways.

Robert Walsh offers his latest book, Discover the Secrets and Truth about Pick 4 Lottery Systems at a very reasonable introductory price of $19.95.  

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