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Saturday, September 12, 2009

Beware When Cashing Your Winning Pick 4 Lottery Tickets

One of the oldest adages in the business world is "Buyer Beware". If you think you have a winning ticket, then sign the back of it, and write "owner" next to your name. Check and double check your tickets for the winning numbers using TV, newspapers, and, of course, contact your State Lottery Office.

Keep all your tickets. Any losing tickets can be used as tax deductions against your winnings.

Recently there have been a number of stories of Lottery fraud across the country from California to Pennsylvania. These stories are about retailers who tell customers that their winning Pick 4 lottery tickets are not winning tickets.

The retailers then keep the tickets and try to cash them later for themselves. Some retailers have switched tickets on the customer paying the customer a much lower payout than the customer's winning ticket was worth.

So whatever you do, make sure you protect your winnings. Be knowledgeable of what your winning ticket payout is. The good news is that the Pick 4 Winning Tickets can be checked by the four drawn digits that you have on your ticket -- Straight or Box.

When you go to check your ticket at your local retailer, ask the clerk to bring up the copy of the winning Pick 4 numbers for the date that you played the Pick 4. Then compare those numbers to the numbers on your ticket.

To win the Jackpot you must have played a Staight Ticket, a Straight/Box Ticket, or a Combination Ticket. Your ticket must match the exact order of the drawn winning numbers. Box Ticket payouts for $.50 range from $100 to $600, and for $1 range from $200 to $1200. Once you sign your ticket it is harder for someone else to cash it.

Next time you have a winning Pick 4 lottery ticket follow these simple guidelines and enjoy your winnings.

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