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Saturday, September 26, 2009

Facts On "How To Win Pick 4"

The other day I googled "how to win Pick 4". Among Google's first page entries was a 5-minute video presentation. Folks have been pushing me to do a video presentation, so I clicked on it to check out the presentation.

Without getting into the technical issues of the presentation, I just want to talk about the information on "how to win Pick 4" on the video.

During the 5-minute video the presenter explained the different types of Pick 4 (1234), doubles (1123), triples (1112), double-doubles (1122), and quads (1111).

The presenter pointed out that single Pick 4 numbers represent 50% of all possible winning numbers. He went on to point out that the remaining 50% of the Pick 4 numbers are made of the rest of the categories, namely doubles, triples, double-doubles, and quads. THIS IS TRUE.

My problem is his concluding piece of advice: If you want to win the Pick 4, then don't play doubles, triples, double-doubles, and quads. "Only play the single Pick 4 numbers because this single group of numbers represent 50% of all Pick 4 numbers."

He wants the public to buy his system based on this piece of advice. It is grounded in group of numbers represents 50% while the remaining four groups represent the other 50%.

THIS IS BASICALLY BAD ADVICE! It sounds good if you play percentages, but it leaves out some very critical information.

The first and obvious reality is that....if these percentages play out true to form then HALF of all the WINNING PICK 4 NUMBERS become losing investments/tickets for those that play only "single Pick 4 numbers".

The second piece of information is that one Box ticket investment for doubles pays 2x the single payout....for triples pays 6x the single payout....and for double-doubles pays 4x the single payout.

The third point is that the presenter ignores the fact that there are TRENDS involved with Pick 4, if a trend of Pick 4 "doubles" occurs, like in the NY Win 4 with a series of 3 and 4 doubles in a row (August 1 to 5, 2009), you would automatically lose these seven drawings because of the bad advice given to you not to play doubles.

As a matter of fact, 9 of the first 11 drawings in NY's Win 4 would have ALL been losses to the player that followed the video presenter's advise!

I wanted to see how the video presenter's advice plays out in reality by checking out the first 11 days of August 2009 in ALL the Pick 4 lotteries in the United States, Canada, and Puerto Rico.

There have been a total of 585 Pick 4 drawings. There were 296 "single" Pick 4 numbers drawn representing 50.6%....slightly higher than the presenter's 50%. The other four groups of Pick 4 numbers represented 49.4% with 289 drawings.

Individual State/Province Lotteries had a wide range of results. New Jersey Pick 4 players fared the best for the presenter's advice at 82% with 18/22 winning Pick 4 numbers being "singles".

While the reverse occurred on other states. The following states had a higher number of winning Pick 4 numbers that were, doubles, triples, and double-doubles. Here are some of these lotteries and percentages of winning Pick 4 doubles, triples, and double-doubles drawn during the first 11 days of August....

Kentucky Pick 4....60%
New York Win 4
Missouri Pick 4....54.5%
Oregon Pick 4....54.5%

Many of the other Pick 4 lotteries ran around the predictable 50%.

So, do your research when purchasing a Pick 4 system on the internet. Read and listen thoroughly to what is being sold to you....Do you want to buy a Pick 4 system that suggests that you eliminate HALF of the highest paying Box Pick 4 numbers before you even begin to play?

Are you willing to lose 50% of your investments because a sPick 4 system advises you to play only 50% of all Pick 4 numbers?

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