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Sunday, September 20, 2009

Winning The Pick 4 Lottery By Spotting Trends

Four events brought me to today's post about "Trends". The dictionary defines "trend" as a "general direction or tendency". Strategy #16 in "Play & Win Daily Pick 4 With Big Cash Winning Numbers" discusses the importance that "trends" play in identifying, locating, and playing the winning Pick 4 number.

The first event that triggered this post comes from the great Commonwealth of Kentucky. The Kentucky Pick 4 Lottery began the month of May 2009 with a Straight Pick 4 Win. This winning Pick 4 number played of the winning Pick 4 number five drawings earlier. Keeping track of the number of drawings between winning numbers is one of the many trends that are discussed in my book.

The second event is the greatest horse race in America which occurs on the first Saturday in May each year from Churchill Downs Race Course in Louisville, Kentucky -- The Kentucky Derby. Speaking of trends....for the second time in two years Jockey Calvin Borel won the Kentucky Derby.

In 2007, aboard the horse "Street Sense" Calvin Borel went from next-to-last position at the start of the race to win the Kentucky Derby. This year he won the Kentucky Derby again aboard "Mind That Bird". Again, he was next to last place at the beginning of the race on this 50-1 longshot. Just like he did 2 years ago he rode this winning horse along the inside rail to take the lead and win this famous race -- the Kentucky Derby for the second time in two years. This is Jockey Calvin Borel's "Trend".

The third event was the last drawing of the Kentucky Pick 4 lottery in the month of May. Just like Calvin Borel, the Kentucky Pick 4 lottery closed out the last drawing of the month with a repeat performance with a PICK 4 Straight Win in the same manner that it opened the month. The winning Pick 4 number also played off the winning Pick 4 number five drawings earlier. The same "trend" of five drawings.

The fourth event occurred in the Illinois Pick 4 lottery on June 1st and 2nd midday drawings. This, too, involved a "trend". On June 1, 2009, the midday winning Pick 4 number was 5746. On June 2, 2009, the winning midday Pick 4 number was 5768.

Here's a little talk about a trend that rarely gets mentioned. A "Series" Number often times is followed by another "Series" Number. This is a number that has four sequential digits....1,2,3,4....4,5,6,7,....5,6,7,8. The sequence can continue the cycle of numbers with 7,8,9,0 or 9,0,1,2.

These series numbers don't have to be connected as closely as these two winning Illinois Pick 4 numbers.

"Strategy 16" discusses all the other important "trends" that help you cash in winning daily Pick 4 numbers straight. And like Jockey Calvin Borel you feel the excitement of coming from next-to-last place to FIRST PLACE and be a WINNER, too.

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