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Saturday, November 14, 2009

Hot Pick 4 System with 20-plus Strategies Continues Record Setting Pace For Back-To-Back Wins in November 2009

My Pick 4 System and my newly released, revised and updated book "Play & Win Daily Pick 4 With Big Cash Winning Numbers" continues to discover a record breaking number of Back-To-Back Wins both Straight and Box Wins in a single month.

In September 2009 my original 20 Pick 4 strategies led to over 1000 Back-To-Back Wins, both Straight and Box. Which was very impressive, when you consider that every Back-To-Back Win represents two wins in a row. So when the chain of Back-To-Back Wins is interrupted, then another set of 2 wins in a row must come together to start a new chain of Back-To-Back Wins.

Here we are, a day short of the middle of the month, on November 14, 2009 afternoon, and my strategies have already recorded a total of 606 Back-To-Back Box Wins and 11 Back-To-Back Straight Wins in the thirty-four Pick 4 lotteries in the United States, Canada, and Puerto Rico. That is a total of 617 Back-to-Back Wins which is well ahead of the pace of the September 2009 totals.

Following Pick 4 Lotteries with two Lottery Drawings per day started out with six or more Back-to-Back Box Wins within the first seven days of November: DE Pick 4, DC-4, FL Play 4, GA Cash 4, IA Pick 4, MA Numbers, PA Big 4, IN Hoosier Daily 4, MO Pick 4, SC Pick 4, KY Pick 4, NY Win 4, TN Cash 4, VA Pick 4, CT Play 4, IL Pick 4, TX Daily 4, MD Pick 4, MI Daily 4, ME Pick 4, NH Pick 4, and VT Pick 4.

The single Drawing per day Pick 4 Lotteries of CA Daily 4, LA Pick 4, NC Pick 4, RI Numbers, WV Pick 4, WI Daily Pick 4, Puerto Rico Pega 4, Ontario Pick 4(Canada), and Quebec La Quotidienne 4 have each recorded from 4 to 12 Back-To-Back Box Wins individually through today.

Since I did not include the Back-to-Back Wins in the Caribbean Pick 4 Lottery in the September 2009 count, I am not including the Back-to-Back Wins for the U.S. Virgin Islands, Antigua, St. Kitts/Nevis, etc.

The overall leader is the Oregon Pick 4, because of its four Pick 4 Drawings per day which started out the first week of November with over 20 Back-To-Back Box Wins.

But even with some kind of slow down of Back-To-Back Box Wins in the second half of November, I predict that November will easily surpass the September Pick 4 Record of Back-To-Back Box Wins.

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