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Thursday, November 19, 2009

Pick 4 Strategies Point Out How to Win The Pick 4 Lottery with Triples and Double-Doubles

One of valuable insights I include in my recently released, Revised and Updated Edition of Play & Win Daily Pick 4 With Big Cash Winning Numbers deals with Triples and Double-doubles. If you want to learn how to win the Pick 4 Lottery successfully you need to play for Pick 4 Triples and Double-doubles.

My Pick 4 Strategies point out the value of watching out for Triples and Double-Doubles and playing them because their BOX payouts are six times and four times greater than that of Single Pick 4 Number.

This, of course, runs contrary to the advice you hear in a YouTube video presentation advertising a Pick 4 System. The spokesman suggests in order to have maximum success play the single Pick 4 numbers while ignoring the other types, because they represent 50% of all Pick 4 numbers (1234) as a single group. The other 50% of Pick 4 Lottery numbers is made up of Doubles (1123), Triples (1113), Double-Doubles(1133),and Quads(1111). His concluding secret advice is to have maximum success make sure it is a single combination that you play.

I wrote a newsletter to those who subscribe from my website about his BAD ADVICE. I pointed out that numbers have trends and some of the trends repeat the same type of Pick 4 number as in the NJ Pick 4 Lottery during the first five days of November when five Pick 4 Doubles were drawn in a row. With the higher payouts for the Pick 4, Triples and Double-Doubles can really give you a great payout with an increased investment level. A $5 investment of Box Tickets on a winning Triple Pick 4 number in any order pays $6,000, and the same investment on a Double-Doubles pays you $4,000.

One of the notes I make in my book is that Triples and Double-Doubles have a tendency to "hang out with each other". Below are some of the most recent examples of this note. MD = Midday and EVE = Evening

In Ohio, OH Pick 4 on 11.18.09 MD 3553 and 11.18.09 EVE 0050

In the Tri-State Pick 4 Lottery representing ME Pick 4, NH Pick 4, and VT Pick 4 on 11.9.09 MD 4443 and 11.9.09 EVE 9939 and 11.10.09 MD 2822

In Maryland, MD Pick 4 on 11.13.09 MD 8558 and 11.13.09 EVE 5225

In District of Columbia, the DC-4 Lottery on 11.17.09 MD 7676 and 11.17.09 EVE 5505

In Massachusetts, the MA Numbers Lottery on 11.13.09 EVE 0707 and 11.14.09 5559

In Missouri, the MO Pick 4 Lottery on 11.17.09 MD 3377 and 11.17.09 3338 and 11.18.09 EVE 9090

In Quebec in the La Quotidienne 4 on 11.17.09 EVE 1119 and 11.18.09 EVE 4994.

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