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Sunday, November 22, 2009

Pick 4 Strategies Provide A Giveaway Number In California Daily 4 Lottery

My Pick 4 Strategies showed the way to a big Daily 4 Win in the California Daily 4 Lottery. Sunday Evening, November 22, 2009, the drawn Daily 4 Winning Number was 9822. My Pick 4 System based on my twenty plus strategies put this number, 9822, on the radar screen as the next potential winning California Daily 4 number.

As it is through the use of my strategies and my Mini Tracking Sheet three (3) previous winning Daily 4 numbers that were "connectors" pointed to the 9822 even in the exact order as it was drawn. When three or more numbers point to the same four digit number, then that is known as a "Giveaway Number". This is like getting a free Pick 4 number to play.

The California Daily 4 Lottery paid out $5,774 to the lone winner for the Straight Ticket in their pari-mutuel payout system. There were five individuals who each received $3,118 their Straight/Box Ticket.

That's a nice paycheck for a week's work of tracking CA Daily 4 numbers using Robert Walsh Pick 4 System and Strategies which at best took just a couple hours.

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