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Thursday, November 12, 2009

Winning Pick 4 Strategies Create Back-to-Back Wins in Oregon Pick 4 Lotto

The Oregon Pick 4 Lotto was been a gold mine of Back-to-Back Box Wins this November with Winning Pick 4 Strategies by Robert Walsh.

Oregon Pick 4 Lottery with its four draws per day at 1pm, 4pm, 7pm and 10pm has over 20 Back-to-Back Box Wins for the first third of November 2009.

My newly released, revised and updated book "Play & Win Daily Pick 4 With Big Cash Winning Numbers" with twenty-plus proven Winning Pick 4 Strategies gives Pick 3 Pick 4 players plenty of information and examples on how to win the Pick 4 using the strategies to find and identify the next winning numbers.

My system is so powerful and works everywhere, especially when you consider that every Back-To-Back Box Win needs two consecutive wins, and that means that you need to have 40 Box Wins in order to have 20 Back-to-Back Box Wins all within the first 11 days of November. My Pick 4 System wins the Daily Pick 4 Lotto games from coast to coast with Maine Pick 4, Vermont Pick 4, and New Hampshire Pick 4 each having 10 Back-to-Back Box Wins respectively during the same period of time with two drawings per day.

Back-to-Back Box Wins is one of the easiest and fastest ways to make a lot of FAST & EASY MONEY. Each Box Win pays out $200, $400, $800, or $1200 for a single $1 investment depending on the type of Pick 4 Winning Number drawn.

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