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Thursday, July 8, 2010

Hot Pick 4 Numbers

"Success Strategies" Newsletter, July 8, 2010....

This week across the country the heat
wave came rolling in with record setting
"HOT" "HOT" temperatures. And there
doesn't seem to be any cooling off real
soon in the forecast.

On June 26, 2010, I sent you
my Pick 4 newsletter which highlighted the
unusually high amount of Pick 4 Triples
and Double-Double that were drawn over
the previous month's time. I suggested
at that time you stay alert and watch for
these Pick 4 type numbers to be drawn
in your State's lottery using the Strategies
in my Pick 4 System.

My Pick 4 System has a special section on
Triples and highlights how to play Double-
Doubles and Triples to maximize your
return on these high paying Pick 4 Numbers.
That's why the 20-plus proven winning Strategies in
Play & Win Daily Pick 4 With Big Cash Winning Numbers
make up the BEST PICK 4 SYSTEM out there.

What other lottery newsletter provides you
with good solid information???
I put you on alert to watch for Pick 4 Triples
and Double-Doubles. And just like the weather,
they remained "HOT" HOT" and continued to be
drawn all across the country!!!

Here is the list of Pick 4 Triples and
Double-Doubles that have been drawn
since my last Newsletter Alert to close out
the month of June 2010....

Pennsylvania Big 4 - MD...4646
New Jersey Pick 4 - EVE..4484
District/Columbia DC-4....4242

Georgia Cash 4 - EVE......1166

Maine Pick 4 - MD.........2225
Massachusetts Numbers.....3000
New Hampshire Pick 4......2225
Vermont Pick 4 - MD.......2225
Virginia Pick 4 - EVE.....5500

Here's a Traveling Pick 4 Number
to add to your watch was drawn in the
Connecticut Play 4 on 6.28. 2010 EVE
and in the PA Big 4 MD on 6.29.2010.
Apply my Pick 4 Strategies to your
previous drawn numbers and see if it fits.

Stay with the HOT, HOT Pick 4 Triples
and Double-Doubles, apply the
Strategies in my Pick 4 System and be

Copyright © Robert Walsh Enterprises 2010

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