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Friday, July 23, 2010

Pick 4 System - When Pick 4 Connectors Make You A Winner

"Success Strategies" Newsletter, July 23, 2010....

In the last newsletter I talked about hot numbers
for the Illinois Lottery coffers. I stated
that you have a much better chance of
winning the Pick 4 Lottery than the Powerball.

If you use a multi-strategy Pick 4 System,
such as
Play & Win Daily Pick 4 With Big Cash Winning Numbers
it demonstrates how numbers are connected
using these 20-plus proven Strategies.
It creates a number of wins within
a short period of time and increases your
winning percentage quickly.

With multiple wins in a short period of time
you put money in your coffers.
With the use of the Investment and Money
Management Strategies you start having
"hot numbers" yourself.

The Louisiana Pick 4 recently packaged
a number of Pick 4 Connectors within seven
draws from July 9 through July 16, 2010.
Six of the seven numbers qualified as
Connectors (c).

7.9.2010..........8163 (c)
7.10.2010........2321 (c)
7.11.2010........1831 (c)....WIN
7.12.2010........0323 (c)....WIN
7.14.2010........1131 (c)....WIN
7.15.2010........1816 (c)....WIN

When you learn the Strategies and apply
them correctly you begin to fill your
pockets with FREE MONEY.

When you develop your
"Keen Eye" you're able to read
numbers and apply Strategies to get
these types of WINS.

Have you ever heard of someone winning
four out of five Powerball draws? This is
why you have a much better chance to
WIN playing the Pick 4 Lottery with a
multiple Strategies proven & winning System!

If you really want to be a Winner....order my
Pick 4 System NOW and start learning how to
read the numbers TODAY!

Prosperity is waiting for you, what are you waiting for?

Copyright © Robert Walsh Enterprises 2010


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