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Saturday, July 3, 2010

Pennsylvania Big 4 Lottery Celebrates Quads

"Success Strategies" Newsletter - July 3, 2010....

We have the perfect weather day here
in Chicago today. Pleasant temperatures
and a nice breeze to accent the day.

So a perfect Pick 4 number to match a
day like this would be a Pick 4 Quad.
Only one number to play the only way
they can be played.....Straight!

I don't know what the actual weather
has been has been in Pittsburgh,
Scranton, Harrisburg, Reading,
Erie, Allenton, Hershey, or
Philadelphia this past week, but
it has been JUST PERFECT for
Pennsylvania Big 4 players.

Philadelphia, which has always been
a hotbed of American revolutionary
activity as well as the city of "brotherly
love" this week once again treated
PA Big 4 players with love with the
revolutionary historic drawings of two
Pick 4 Quads within one week.

In the midday drawing on June 26,
2010, the Big 4 Winning Number
drawn was 4444. There were
2,282 Winning Tickets that paid
out a total of $5.7 Million.

Five days later on July 1, 2010,
in the evening drawing the Big 4
did it again and drew 8888.
This time there were 4,000 winning
tickets waiting to claim a portion
of the $10 million the PA Lottery
would need to pay out to joyous
Big 4 players all over Pennsylvania.

You should know that this is
the third time in 93 days
that a Pick 4 Quad has been drawn
in the Big 4. On March 31, 2010, the
Quad 7777 was drawn that evening
with a payout of $7.77 Million on
the 3,107 winning tickets sold.

Pennsylvania's Big 4 is leading
the charge, like at Gettysburg,
to proclaim and honor 2010 the
"Year of the Pick 4 Quad"!

My Pick 4 System with just two
of its 20-plus Strategies and a
knowledgeable Big 4 Player had
the 4444 on their list of numbers
to play as early as two weeks
prior to its drawing.

With plenty of advance preparation
time prior to its historic drawing
Strategy #22 put the 8888 on the
Big 4 player's list to play as well.

After 4444 was drawn, now with
my Pick 4 System in hand, applying two
Strategies to these already drawn
Big 4 Quads, using the calendar as
suggested, and following the number
trends, truly made the 8888 the
"Money" Number!!!

On that note from Philadelphia,
the home of the Liberty Bell,
I wish you a Happy
Fourth of July Weekend. May you
and your family have a Great
Weekend of celebration from sea
to shing sea. Be safe and enjoy

Good Luck and have a Prosperous 2010.

Copyright © Robert Walsh Enterprises 2010

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