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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Pick 4 Numbers - Good Neighbors Are A Win-Win Situation

"Success Strategies" Newsletter, July 29, 2010....

We had a lot of rain last weekend,
and many area folks in the area
had a lot of flooding in their homes
and basements....some up to 10
feet of water/sewerage.
One woman who has a "crazy"
neighbor told me the neighbor
accused her of flooding his back

Are you a good neighbor?
What kind of neighbors do you have?

Good neighbors are an important
asset to have even when it comes
to the Pick 4 Lottery. You count
on your neighbor to help you out
when need be. New York Win 4
and Connecticut Play 4 proved to
be very good neighbors this week
with "traveling Pick 4 numbers".

My Pick 4 System teaches you
to watch for trends, even good
neighbor traveling number
trends. And, the payoff
is well worth it.

The New York Win 4 drew 5959
in their Midday draw on 7.25.2010.
Being a good neighbor it (sorry,
ALLSTATE) sent in over to
Connecticut where the
CT Play 4 drew 5959
in the Evening draw on
7.26.2010 (3 draws later).

I know from emails I have
received that some individuals
don't want to be bothered looking
at their neighbor's Pick 4 Numbers.

Being a "good neighbor" Connecticut
Play 4 drew 3776 in the Evening draw
on 7.27.2010, and sent it New York's
way. Two draws later, in the following
Evening draw on July 28, 2010,
New York Win 4 drew 3776.

Good neighbors check in on each other
to see how they are doing. It doesn't
take much time. Once the relationship
has been established, the trend has
been started. Being a good neighbor

To learn more winning trends to
watch for....purchase my
Pick 4 System today.

Good Luck and may you reap
the REWARDS of being a good

Copyright © Robert Walsh Enterprises 2010

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