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Sunday, July 25, 2010

Latest Pick 4 News & Updates

"Success Strategies" Newsletter, July 25, 2010....

This summer's "HEAT WAVE" nationwide
has all of us adjusting our lives to survive
these high temperatures. I hope you
are winning the battle of survival.

The same things happen with your
Pick 4 play. When "trends" shift, then
you have to adjust your play accordingly.

In my Pick 4 System I write about
"trends" and "developing a Keen Eye",
among other themes. The importance
of these two themes working together
gives you the flexibility
to go with the flow when you spot the
development of a NEW TREND in the
drawing of the Pick 4 Numbers.

This week I received an email from a
young man who is having SUCCESS
with my System in the Ohio Pick 4.
He shared with me that the Ohio Pick 4
is drawing a lot of Pick 4
"double" numbers. Out of the last
30 draws there have been 22 "double"
Pick 4 numbers drawn.

He emailed me to say that he is
going to adjust his play and use the
Strategies that are more suited for
double Pick 4 numbers. So here is
a case of a Pick 4 Player, who first
was PAYING ATTENTION, and used
his KEEN EYE to spot this change in
the drawn numbers TREND.

My Pick 4 System has not only
provided him with these insights,
He thanked me for my Pick 4 System.

Here are a couple Pick 4 Triple
"traveling numbers" you want to
put on your watch list.

If you apply my Pick 4 Strategies
and any of the Double-Doubles & Triples
fit, consider including them in your play.

1666 and 1161 and triple 8
with the 5, 8885.

Indiana Hoosier Daily 4 Lottery
players seemed to have benefitted
the most from the recent newsletters.

A few days after the newsletter on
repeating numbers....on 7.23.2010,
the Midday to Evening drawn Winning
Numbers were 8582 and 2885.
Louisiana Pick 4 players also
benefitted with the drawing of
4035 (7.19.2010) and
0543 (7.22.2010).

In addition, they benefitted from the
alert about Triples and Double-Double
Draws with the drawing of 7773
on 7.18 EVE and 6888 on 7.22

Applying my Pick 4 Strategies to
previous winning Pick 4 Numbers,
players were able to create
these Triples....

District of Columbia DC-4 (0330),
Iowa & Illinois Pick 4 (5557),
Maryland Pick 4 (8858), and
Tennessee Cash 4 (5888).

Good Luck and you never know
when "Prosperity" will be knocking
at your door.

Copyright © Robert Walsh Enterprises 2010

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